SUPREMO affiliate program and Affpapa announce new partnership

Posted:: Jul 29, 2021 10:33 Category: Europe , Online , Posted by Marie

The ambitious and forward-thinking casino affiliate program – SUPREMO, partners up with iGaming directory – Affpapa

SUPREMO is a standout brand that aims to entertain the masses with its sleek, impressive design and ease of use. Their commitment to rewarding players with huge offers and great bonuses is matched with their commitment to work restlessly, in order to ensure the high quality of their partnerships and their product.

These industry experts have put a lot of effort into their affiliate program, and believe in a mutually profitable relationship that will sustain a healthy cycle, consisting of a ‘Convert. Retain. Repeat.’ model.

SUPREMO’s affiliate management team stated: “We’re looking to shake things up and create a fun, convenient player experience that will reach new heights. We know we can’t do it alone and so we’ve made one of our main priorities, showing our affiliate partners how mutually beneficial and profitable joining SUPREMO affiliates will be. We’re also delighted to be joining AffPapa and are looking forward to years of successful collaboration.”

The team at SUPREMO affiliates pride themselves on being approachable and team-platers, as they prioritize meeting their potential affiliate partners needs with an individualized and specific plan.

SUPREMO offers a revenue share of up to 40% NGR, and hybrid deals with unlimited potential – the more customers directed to supremo.com, the more the affiliate partners will earn.

There are fast payouts, no negative carryover and an approachable, dedicated and experienced account manager to guarantee a great experience for all affiliate partners.

Yeva Nrane, AffPapaAffpapa’s Head of Commercial – Yeva Nrane Avagyan, also added to the celebratory statements: “Our team, here at Affpapa, is truly excited to be partnering up with such a responsible, dynamic and innovative affiliate program. So far, we have only shared positive and encouraging experiences with SUPREMO, and we are stoked to continue our mutually beneficial partnership for the years to come.”

At such an early stage, SUPREMO is ticking all the right boxes when it comes to attracting new players and keeping players happy. They’re constantly adding to an impressive collection of slot, table and live casino games from all of the top game developers. Their promotions page is packed with offers and bonuses to maximize players’ playing potential.

The great impression they have made on prominent casino reviewers and existing affiliate partners alike shows how they have nailed the mobile-first online casino experience, while still constantly striving to add new features and player rewards to make it even better.

This is the ideal time to hop on and start a mutually beneficial and profitable partnership with SUPREMO affiliates, as they continue to elevate themselves above the competition.

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