Tasmania’s land-based Federal Group under ransomware attack

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The ongoing attack has been impacting the Group’s gambling and hotel operations since April 3rd

For the past week Tasmania’s lone casino land-based operator Federal Group has been under a cyber attack. Two of their venues were forced to shutter their doors after the ransomware attack.

The investigation is being carried out both internally and externally by experts. Pokies have been under the attack for the past 10 days and a ransom is being demanded for reactivation of operations.

What is also yet to be confirmed is if any personal information or credit card details was leaked. Federal Group Executive Director Daniel Hanna said that the incident itself has been contained with the Australian Cyber Security Centre notified and coordinating with relevant law enforcement agencies to continue their forensic analysis.

terryWhat emerged of this attack is how ill-prepared Tasmanian casinos are for cyberattacks. Terry Aulich, a former federal senator and Tasmanian minister said:

“I think it’s a view we have in Tassie about all sorts of things, that somehow or other the awful things that go on overseas, whether it’s in IT or whatever, that it’s not going to happen here in dear little old Tassie, that’s entirely untrue. They will look for the weakest link in Australian society, in Australian business, and it may well be that Tasmania is one of those.”

Poker machines and hotel check-in services at accommodation including Wrest Point, the Country Club, Saffire Freycinet, MACq 01 and the Henry Jones Art Hotel still don’t have a confirmation date for the resumption of operations.

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