Tennessee Hold ‘Em® European Skill Poker championships at SiGMA Europe digital November 1st – 25th 2020: Free entry!

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Strategic solution for iGaming platforms & affiliates

Tennessee Hold Em® Skill Poker tournaments

A unique recipe for exciting poker:

⁃ More players get playable hands, so less folding = more action.

⁃ Get players thinking – More strategic decision-making = greater engagement.

⁃ Grudge Matches 🙂 Create a Head to Head match structure, where friends and rivals battle on a level playing field.

⁃ Play a match or send a challenge online whenever you want. No waiting for other players to join.

Contact [email protected] to preorder your B2B software.

Poker players, iGaming casinos and platforms, do you have a group of friends / clients who play regularly? Imagine NO time limitations. If you’re online, challenge friends or rivals to head to head matches anytime, anywhere. Asynchronous matches transcend time itself! Now, Tennessee Hold Em® Skill Poker is here, so you can find out who the top players really are!

Tennessee Hold ‘Em®:

This legendary form of poker originated in the 1880’s on Mississippi Paddle Steamers, where outlaw tournaments were held, challenging top players to prove their poker skills.

Tennessee Hold ‘Em® is a family of 7 strategic variants of poker, were players use “hand-building” to maximise the potential of the cards they’re dealt. Tennessee 223 is the gold standard, championship variant. 223 refers to the first 3 card distributions:

⁃ 2 hole cards, 2 community cards, followed by 3 more hole cards.

⁃ You now hold 5 Hole cards (aka “the Boat”) and when the Dealer calls: “Men Overboard“…It’s decision time!

⁃ Hold all 5, but get “No Turn” & “No River”…

⁃ Hold 4, discard 1, but get “No River”…

⁃ Hold 3, discard 2 so you get to use both the turn & the river.

⁃ Pay attention…next, all discards are revealed!

⁃ With a progressive, patent pending betting system, strategic “Tennessee Riverboat 223” is a dynamic, exciting poker variation that will thrill poker players and skill gamers in virtual and real world casinos around the globe.

Skill Poker:

An innovative method of playing poker on a level playing field, that tests players ’ability, adding new skill elements and giving players the freedom to make crucial tactical decisions.

In mobile Skill Poker, the RNG shuffles the deck, then clones it. You’re sitting at table 1 and I’m sitting at table 2, we are both in the same position on our Tables, opposite our 4 AI “Outlaw” opponents. We start with the same number of chips, and are dealt the same cards. After a series of hands, whoever has more chips is the victor.

The more consecutive hands played, the greater the difficulty. This is important, because world ranking in Tennessee Hold Em® Skill Poker is based upon margin of victory or loss, rewarding players who employ clever strategy and penalising players who fold too soon!

Now, you can experience Skill Poker. Challenge your friends! FREE Download in the App Store and Samsung Galaxy store:

See how high you can rise in the official Skill Poker world leaderboards!

European championship competition:

Free entry at SiGMA Europe 2020!

A Euro champion will be crowned!

Gold, silver & bronze certificates


1st = $300 2nd = $100 3rd = $50

Register here:


About SiGMA’s revamped website:

SiGMA Group is excited to announce the launch of its newly revamped website. The website is currently available in 5 languages, English, Russian, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish with plans to add another 5 languages over the coming months – namely French, Thai, Korean, Japanese, and Hindi.

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