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Tiago Aprigio, CEO of All-in Global, talks about the power of artificial intelligence

AI has the power to not only improve the accuracy of translations, but also turn-around time and cost efficiency. By using the latest AI advances such as deep learning along with neural network models that imitate the connections performed by human brain neurons, the translation outcome can be much more precise.

What’s more, neural network brings the capability of “learning” dynamically through human corrections to Neural Machine Translation to produce even more accurate results over time. Glossaries and client preferences can be integrated in the process, too.

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To help operators, suppliers and affiliates leverage the power of AI when it comes to translating content at scale, All-in Global has recently debuted the industry’s first Artificial Intelligence translation solution, specifically calibrated for online gaming, sports betting and esports.

Our AI Translation + Human Post Editing product has been designed to allow businesses to handle the ever-increasing volumes of data, information and content that requires translation daily – by 2022 the volume of digital content is expected to reach a massive 94 zettabytes.

It uses Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology powered by AI and assisted by human post-editors, to allow organisations to create content at scale that is then accurately translated for specific markets in the fastest and most cost-efficient way.

NMT systems examine the full context of a sentence and can produce high-quality translations that are incredibly authentic in style and tone. With our solution, we also bring in human translators who are experts in the iGaming industry. By doing this, it brings the human touch that is still very important to convey the emotion, knowledge and culturally-adapted meanings. The combination of the tech with humans is where we find the ideal solution.

We can do this 40% faster than the traditional human translation products, and at a 40% reduction in cost. This makes our cutting-edge AI Translation + Human Post Editing service the 40/40 formula businesses have long been looking for.

This makes the solution ideal for cases where the budget factor, time or high volume might play a decisive role in choosing the best translation option. In some instances, this can force organisations to look to a public machine translation solution.

While public translation engines such as Google Translate can be the cheaper and at times faster option, they are also the least secure. Google is one of the biggest data-mining companies in the world and its algorithm will scan every piece of text uploaded to its free translation tool.

If you are translating highly confidential text, this should be cause for concern. Working with a professional translation agency can easily address these issues.

For example, we recently had a client require the translation of highly confidential information relating to compliance. To protect this information at all stages of the translation, we had to provide a system and process that could not be breached at any point.

This meant having the information sent via a secure network so that the content could not be compromised (copied, downloaded, etc). The content was also password protected with access only given to those who absolutely needed it. The client could also track everyone that had access.

So while public translations may be a little fast and cheaper, it is worth remembering that they simply cannot offer the same level of security as a dedicated environment designed and developed by a translation agency.

With our AI Translation + Human Post Editing solution we can offer the best of both; it is fast and cost effective while also providing high levels of security. This is achieved by using an SSL encrypted channel for all translation activities which prevents any data leaks.

We are also International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) certified (ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and are currently applying for ISO 18587) which shows our systems are appropriate, effective and secure.

The protections we offer do not stop there, either. We have strict non-disclosure agreements with our partners that are clear when it comes to the confidential information, we are given access to and the rules around how it is used, managed and stored.

Machine learning in translation has been around for decades now, but with Artificial Intelligence we are able to take this to the next level and deliver a superior solution to our partners that is accurate, fast, cost effective and totally secure. Our solution is not only secure but also very specialised in iGaming terminology, a solution that was created to meet the industry needs.

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