The future of online casinos in Malta

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Online casino has proven a worthy solution for an entertainment hungry population

Some people might say the world is going crazy right now. Most of us are staying at home and that means we need to find new ways of entertaining ourselves. That goes for the inhabitants of Malta as well. The industry has boomed and is still growing in an enormous pace.

Are you also tired of sitting at home these days? And what do you do to kill time? If you have ever wondered how others are entertaining themselves while staying at home, you might want to take a look at the online casino business. There has been an enormous growth in the industry especially in 2020 and it seems as though there’s no stopping it.

Malta, the Silicon Valley of the iGaming Industry

Europe MaltaMalta has proven to be the new ground zero of online casinos. It took a lot of effort to put Malta, a country with only half a million population, on the map of the gambling world. The government of Malta opened the door for auspicious gambling laws and licensing requirements. There are currently more than 300 gambling companies run in Malta.

Online casinos require licensing to legally play the games throughout Europe. While gambling taxes are a huge burden almost in all European Union, Malta keeps the tax range minimal and understandable.

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is a choice by many and it now takes a respected spot in the world of gambling. An MGA licence is currently enough for most gambling operators to have a trustworthy profile.

This phenomenon was followed by many gamblers moving to Malta as you even get incentives for relocating to the country.

Online Casino Trends in 2021

As we go along, the online casino took different shapes throughout the years. The traditional way of land-based casinos is a thing of the past as online casino Malta  operators are widely popular in this day and age as its revenue is expected to reach $1 trillion in 2021.

There is a trend of a vast increase in mobile gaming and VR gaming. The latter especially become one of the changing faces of the gambling industry. We’re looking at a future where casinos made themselves VR-enabled as all it takes is VR devices to enjoy the games in a different yet unique way. Cryptocurrency Based casinos and E-Sports Betting are the next big things expected to pick up pace in 2021.

Why are online casinos so popular?

online casinoEven though people are working from home, luckily most of them are still making the same amount of money as they did before. Because most activities are impossible to go through with these days, this means that people can’t spend the same amount of money as they used to do.

What did people spend their money on? They went to the cinema, ate at restaurants, went on holiday, held fancy parties and lots of other social stuff. Because of the situation in the world right now, all of this is inaccessible to people who were used to spending a lot of money on their social life.

Is this a key part of why online casinos have had so much fortune lately? Maybe, it’s hard to tell. But maybe some people are using their hard-earned cash for cool entertainment. Even though you might win money from online casino, it is first and foremost a sort of entertainment. Movies don’t quite cut it the same way, and it’s difficult to compete with the amount of excitement you get from digital slot machines or the roulette.

Are online casinos better than the real deal?

There’s no question about it. It’s hard to beat the “real world”. Driving an actual race car is probably a bit more fun and thrilling than driving on in an online racing game. But the digital version doesn’t have all the risks though. What about the rewards? Hard to tell.

Going online has made a lot of entertainment accessible to all kinds of people. The amount of people playing online casino games far outnumber the number of people visiting regular casinos simply because of the fact that the internet makes it accessible for everyone in principle.

Are you stuck on an island somewhere in the Mediterranean then an online casino is the way to go. Maybe that’s why Malta is the new capital of online casinos.

That said, because something is accessible doesn’t automatically make it better. Casino in real life have a certain smell and thrill to it. Even though online casinos are good at capturing the essence of casino life, there might still work to do before the virtual and the real melt together. Maybe 2021 is the year for a VR casino experience.

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