The increasing popularity of online casinos

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With regular casino goers moving online, iGaming is on the rise

Online gaming has become a household activity that both children and adults are enjoying, and the number of genres and types is only increasing. Online casino is a combination of games that people know and love from land-based casinos but with the flexibility and convenience of being possible to play whenever and wherever. So, if you are interested in online casino, where should you start?

Most “traditional” online gamers may not know much about the online casino community. The games are quite different from the regular online games – mostly because they are developed to work the same way as the physical games that can be found in a land-based casino. But online casinos are becoming increasingly popular, and this could both be due to the regular casino goers moving online but it could also be because of new people joining the scene. Either way, getting started right will make the experience much better.

Where to start?

With such a large number of online games to choose from, it is no surprise that the number of online casinos also is large. This can make it hard for new players to decide on where to play. It is worth noting that the quality and experience of each online casino can vary a lot, and so it is not just a matter of choosing the first one, you come across.

In order to ensure that your online casino experience will be a good one it is worth doing some research on a site like CasinoTest.de. Here, you can get a good overview of your options. You will be able to find a long list of recommended online casinos to choose from as well as a quick description of the advantages of each casino. This will give you a good place to start choosing from.

Find your favorite games

online casinosOnline gaming on online casinos is first and foremost about the games. So even though many online casinos may have great bonuses to attract new players, it is worth waiting to see what their games are really like, before you choose to commit to them.

If you have played on land-based casinos before, you may already have some favourite games, that you know you will want to play online. While most online casinos will have a lot of the same, popular casino games, you might have to look a bit harder, if your favourite is a less well-known casino games. Furthermore, the same game can be made by different developers and this may affect the quality of the game a lot. So, an online poker game on one online casino might not be as good as another.

You may have to be willing to test out a few different online casinos before settling on your favourite. This will give you the chance to get a better idea of which ones have the best setups and games for your specific preference.

Look for live games

One of the big advantages of online gaming is the ability to play multiplayer with other people. And this is possible for online casinos as well. Many online casinos offer live games, where a live dealer will be streamed from a land-based casino. The players will then be able to play along in the game from home and will often be able to interact with other players through chat.

Live games are a great way of experiencing the atmosphere and excitement that is well-known from land-based casinos and they can help make the online experience feel much more authentic. So, if this is something you know you will enjoy, then make sure to look for live games, before you choose an online casino.

Is online casino a type of online gaming?

It can be difficult to agree on the definition of online gaming. Many people will automatically thing of first-person shooter games or maybe online roleplaying games like World of Warcraft. But with an increasing number of games moving online, it is becoming hard to clearly define what will fall under the category of “gaming”. Many will argue that online casino games belong there just as much as Counter Strike or World of Warcraft.

Casino games like poker and blackjack fall under card games and are therefore quite different from the typical online games, that most gamers play. However, no one can argue, that they are not games and once they are online, they should by default become part of online gaming. It’s also possible to play these games online for free without the transaction of money, so it might rightfully so be categorised as an online game.

Did online gaming borrow from online casinos?

Online GamingIf you are a bit familiar with online gaming, you’ve probably heard about loot boxes before. This enables players to purchase in-game content for a certain amount of money without knowing what it is. This essentially means that whatever item you have purchased will come as surprise to you. Companies will probably advertise for these loot boxes by saying there’s a decent chance to get the item, you’ve always wanted. Or some new content that is interesting for collectors.

Some critical voices of the community of online games such as World of Tanks has voiced their concern, comparing this to gambling. Some have defended it as well. They say that placing your money on something you don’t know the outcome for is the same as betting or gambling in an online casino because it encourages people to spend their money until they have the desired item in the game.

It has come far enough for countries like Belgium to ban the use of loot boxes in games, because they compare it to online gambling. One might suspect that they borrowed the strategy from casino, where the more money you invest, the better the return. But when you have no control over the outcome the comparison might be fair enough.

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