They just took and made it triple – JetX3 is now available worldwide

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Now you control the whole fleet of spacecrafts

Your chances of destroying the death star have increased 3 times! The game provides a new experience of increased agility and durability of your starships! Now their engines work with tripled thrust and can reach new altitudes! The edge of the universe is not limited anymore!

Description and features:

JetX3 is not a typical casino game. It differs from the flagship game of SmartSoft – JetX. When bets are placed, three starships take off and there are three chances to collect winnings. The game has a fixed RTP level of 97%. The minimum bet is defined as 0.1$ and the maximum is 300$. Players can place one, two, or three bets simultaneously on the same flight. The game also features auto-bet and auto-collect options. The height of the flight is not predetermined and it might last to infinity. If one or two ships explode, players still have a chance to claim the win with the third one.

JetX3 has very special features and a delicate design—this makes this game impressive for the players and can entertain a lot. At each round, players see three starships launching from the planet, heading to space, but at any moment one, two or all three of them may explode. The game also has interaction inserts like chat, statistics, bet history, and active bets list. The opportunity to share impressions makes the game very engaging.

A new category – XGames With JetX3 SmartSoft Gaming started striving to achieve the ambitious objective – launching a whole new category of online casino games. The company brands them as – XGames. SmartSoft plans to release lots of new games, with a focus on gamification and extraordinary gameplay and positions itself as a gamechanger in the industry.

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