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Allan Petrilli, VP of Sales & Growth at Intelitics, tells SiGMA News that finding the right platform is key to operators leveraging the true power of data when it comes to running successful marketing campaigns

Operators fully understand that if data is collected, stored, analysed and actioned correctly, it can allow them to streamline their marketing activity and drive tremendous growth.

But the sheer volume of data available means there is a real risk of them suffering from information overload, which in turn prevents operators from maximising the opportunities it presents.

Data comes from many sources, including individual player game preferences, bet sizes, favoured bonuses, session times and duration as well as interaction with the loyalty scheme.

Operators can also monitor marketing spend and return on ad spend, as traffic type, conversion rates, and LTV data.

This gives operators a forensic understanding not only of the player but the return on investment they are getting from the marketing budget allocated to each player.

So how can operators effectively collect data from these sources and then store, analyse and take action based on what it is telling them?

Data warehouse:

The first thing operators must do is have a centralised location where they can access all game and player data even if they are working with multiple providers and suppliers.

This ensures operators have a full view of all the data available to them and in one place.

This will allow them to make faster, more effective analysis and take immediate action instead of having to spend time pulling data from various sources.

Marketing analytics platform:

It is important for operators to also have one location from which they execute all digital and offline user acquisition spend.

Marketing AnalyticsThis allows them to quickly access campaign data in real time and then instantly calculate the current return on ad spend.

This in turn means operators can be agile and make changes to the campaigns they are running based on what the data is telling them.

Investing in the right platform is crucial, however.

The right platform will allow for decisions to be taken quickly and based on data and information in real-time rather than having to wait several days or even weeks for it to become available.

With Intelitics, for example, we allow operators to view all their UA data in real time, and also allow publisher partners to place postbacks on any event, and utilise 5 sub id parameters to be able to optimise campaigns at a granular level and make sure they are running campaigns that are successful for both them and the operator. We also have cohort reporting natively built into the platform, to allow publisher managers to make quicker informed campaign decisions.

Use data and don’t just collect it:

The sheer granularity of data available to operators can really help them increase margins and drive efficiencies but to do this they must use data and not just collect and store it.

This requires a digitally native team that is highly skilled when it comes to working with data and understanding what the information is telling them.

Only then can the right actions be taken to fine-tune marketing activity and campaigns to ensure maximum impact and that the best return on investment is achieved.

How Intelitics is preventing information overload:

By centralising all user acquisition data in one location, with intuitive, granular, easy to consume reporting, we allow operators and publishers to both use ONE platform to execute and make campaign optimizing and scaling decisions.

We know firsthand how frustrating it is to use multiple platforms, and to rely on internal BI teams for decision making, and with paid media making up a significant portion of UA spend today, these delays literally mean losing money.

The availability of data is only going to increase, so it is important that operators use the right technologies and build out the best teams to ensure they can collect, store and analyse it correctly.

This will make sure they avoid information overload but more importantly drive the highest return on marketing spend possible while extracting the maximum lifetime value from players.

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