Top 10 gaming law firms in Malta

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In no particular order, SiGMA News gives you top 10 gaming firms in Malta which are fully geared to assist gaming clients meet their requirements

Malta has secured its position as a leading, well-regulated European remote gaming jurisdiction. With the island’s predominant position in the industry, Malta is estimated to host around 10% of the world’s online gaming companies. These are some of the top globally recognised industry firms advising operators and platform providers on all aspects of their business with a focus on regulatory and licensing issues.

10. BDO Malta:

BDO Malta

For several years, BDO Malta has acted as an auditor, tax adviser and consultant to numerous Maltese and international gaming and betting companies.

The firm has extensive experience in advising such businesses during the application process required to obtain a remote gaming licence. BDO Malta has accordingly assisted with all of the information and documentation required by the Malta Gaming Authority.

The company is also firm believer that blockchain technology will unlock new ways of enhancing transparency and increasing protection of privacy in a cohesive manner. BDO offers full tax advisory services in relation to the trading of cryptocurrencies, blockchain business in Malta, DLT platforms and coin offerings.

9. iGaming Advisors:


iGaming Advisors is a one stop shop for any B2B, B2C or Critical Supply operators looking for an MGA licence.

The firm understands the needs of clients and aids to assist them in choosing the best payment gateways and financial institution for their gaming operation. Payment processing of players is paramount for any remote gaming operation and iGaming Advisors, with their expertise know what it takes for an efficient and effective process.

The firm handles all paperwork for a gaming licence application, business plan, and hand holds clients throughout the whole process to ensure that everything is in order before submitting to the Malta Gaming Authority. Apart from gaming, the company also assist client needs by offering cryptocurrency and Blockchain services.

8. CSB Group:


CSB Group offers a multi approach to gaming operators by effectively assisting them with the setting up or re-location of their gaming operations to Malta.

The Group is backed by a highly skilled iGaming advisory team who professionally assists with various gaming services, from incorporating a company in Malta, support with opening a bank account, tax advice, to the submission and pursuance of the Malta iGaming licence applications with the Malta Gaming Authority.

CSB Fintech’s team are also capable of advising clients who are desirous in establishing an entity to provide VFA and crypto-related services, including but not limited to, crypto-exchanges or entities who would be providing investment advice, custody and portfolio management of virtual assets.

7. Kinanis:

Kinanis AIBC

In the fast growing and highly regulated gaming industry, Kinanis’ dedicated team is equipped to provide legal and tax consulting for the structuring of collective investment structures, fund managers, investment firms and other regulated entities.

The firm also recognizes the importance of M&A activities and all kinds of corporate reorganisations including gaming companies and ensures that their clients receive a seamless service enabling successful transactions.

The business-oriented firm has identified the need of the business and gaming world and the use of Blockchain technology and we has invested towards this direction by establishing an expert team of professionals to cover all legal and regulatory aspects of Blockchain technology, ICOs, STOs and other related topics.

6. DF Advocates:

DF Advoates SiGMA

DF Advocates is a Maltese based law firm assisting local and international clients in the setting up of gaming and IT operations in Malta.

Apart from a comprehensive array of services, the services provided by the firm when it comes to gaming include advice and assistance throughout the licensing process, legal and regulatory consultation, company formation and incorporation, drafting and reviewing of agreements, guidance in fiscal issues as well as links through the firm’s network of service providers, to software and telecommunication infrastructure providers, accounting and auditing firms, and other support service providers. With the extensive experience and expertise obtained over the years, DF’s gaming advisory team can aid individuals in finding the solutions necessary to operate successfully within the gaming industry.

5. GTG Advocates:

GTG Advocates AIBC

GTG Advocates was one of the first law firms actively involved in in the provision of legal services to companies in the gaming and betting industry. The firm has assisted a number of clients in getting remote gaming licences in Malta and abroad and provides ongoing support on any aspect relating to the operation of the licence holder.

Apart from gaming the company also specialises in regulatory challenges arising in the context of Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT), as well as cryptocurrencies. Working closely with the corporate team, the firm has throughout the past years also been involved in a number of high profile M&A transactions in the gaming industry.

4. KSi Malta:

KSi Malta AIBC

At KSi Malta, clients can benefit from 40 years of practical knowledge in taxation, legal advisory and the provision of general corporate services.

When it comes to gaming, the team of experienced professionals can assist you in a wide variety of services, such as an assistance in attainment of a gaming licence, corporate and regulatory compliance advisory, corporate structuring, tax advice and applications of residence schemes.

Apart from gaming, KSi Malta’s team of advisors also aid clients with obtaining the necessary permissions and licences to produce medical cannabis in Malta. Established in 2018 by KSi Malta, Fintech Solutions Limited also provides services to the Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technologies and Cryptocurrencies ecosystem.

3. Kyte:


Kyte Consultants has been involved in the remote gaming industry since the year 2000 when the first operators started to set up local operations.

The company’s directors are known to be the first to be accredited by the Malta Gaming Authority to carry out certification reviews on their behalf. The firm is still carrying out such reviews making them fully knowledgeable about everything that is going on in the remote gaming industry in Malta.

Kyte is also an approved ISO27001:2013 Lead Auditor and can conduct security audits for regulators such as UKGC who require such audits as part of licensing conditions. In addition to full licensing assistance, the company can also prepare you for the system certification review by advising on the requirements and eventually carrying out a mock review before the actual one is carried out. This has helped previous customers sail through the system audit without any serious issues raised.

2. KPMG:


KPMG combines their multi-disciplinary approach with deep, practical industry knowledge to aid their clients meet challenges and respond to opportunities.

The company is amongst the market leaders in Malta’s ecosystem of gaming stakeholders. The firm recognises and understands the challenges and opportunities faced by gaming entities, both on the micro level and on the wider global scale.

By combining their gaming industry expertise, their close relationships with industry stakeholders, as well as the reach of global network, KPMG is in a position to offer a truly professional service across functional and geographical boundaries. The team at KPMG is also a member of the KPMG Blockchain Global Leaders Group and involved in KPMG Lighthouse, an AI and D&A Centre of Excellence, working on emerging technologies and KPMG’s Digital Strategy.

1. WH Partners:


Recognised by all international directories as a leading law firm in the industry, not only locally but also globally, WH Partners has in-depth knowledge of the market and pan-European expertise on all matters related to the gaming and gambling industry, online and offline.

Apart from gaming and gambling, WH Partners is also one of the strongest technology-driven businesses advisory practices in Malta offering a deep understanding of both the technology and the regulatory framework. What makes WH Partners one of the best leading firms in Malta, is that the firm has been on the forefront of fintech and blockchain developments, working closely with industry leaders, since the industry’s early days. WH Partners offer services in different languages including Italian, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Serbian, German, French and Portuguese.

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