Top customer care a must to get-ahead in Georgia, says HawX founder

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Top customer care a must to get-ahead in Georgia, says HawX founder

In this interview with the SiGMA team, iGaming veteran and entrepreneur Giorgi Tsutskiridze speaks about the future of the industry in Georgia and the pioneering work that HawX was doing to empower iGaming at home and abroad.

As a young entrepreneur in iGaming, how has your experience in the industry shaped how you see this evolving market?
I have been in the industry for more than eight years and have been monitoring all the rapid changes that we have been and are facing even now.

After years of working in gaming and keeping a close eye on the industry, I have decided to distill all my experience, match to industry requirements and founded HawX – an iGaming CRM Solutions provider company, The goal is to help online operators take their retention rate and customer satisfaction to the next level, boost all major KPIs and, therefore, their bottom lines. Now more than ever, a CRM-based approach to each and every user is a key to success. The industry showed us that without a proper retention and x-sell strategy it’s super hard to compete on the market. This is exactly what HawX CRM solutions are solving and delivering to its clients from all over the world.

What do you think makes a good online game? Out of your average casino portfolio, which ones do you see adapting best to an online setting?

To create a good online game, you should know what type of game you’re creating and what experience the user should have.

Once you have a clear vision on those 2 aspects, it’s easy to create a proper product by following users’ needs and focusing on 3 major components: gameplay, graphics and game mechanics Out of my casino portfolio, I find instant games, such as Aviator, Blast, Crash games super interesting, dynamic and easily adapting products for all markets.

Georgia’s USP

What are Georgia’s competitive advantages in the global iGaming ecosystem?

Georgia is kind of a hub for the iGaming industry.

Although the country is small, we still have some industry giants here: Flutter, GVC, Betsson and very successful local brands. Personally. I do believe that the main reason why such huge brands were interested and entered the market is customer treatment quality and technical development of local brands. Georgia is a very niche market, where all operators try to implement high-tech solutions when it comes to promotions, website customization, customer service etc. It’s hard to see Georgian operators’ online casino promotions copied on other websites that offer customised daily promos or quest and gameplay-based bonuses.

What advice would you give to a regional iGaming start-up finding its feet in Georgia?

As mentioned above, the Georgian market is a super-competitive market, where both very successful international and local brands are operating.

My advice to regional iGaming start-ups that think about starting operations here is to make sure that they have some advantages, especially in the tech field, and their customer care/treatment strategy should be on top, otherwise, they might struggle as Georgian users are used to special bonuses and their appetite for quality games is quite impressive.

Driving KPIs

Tell us more about your company, when have you started, what solutions do you offer to the industry and what is your success story?

HawX is a fast-growing iGaming CRM Solutions provider that delivers quality solutions to its clients, which have an enormous impact on their major KPIs, such as BET, GGR, NGR, Retention Rate and more.

We provide 7 different solutions that guarantee the boosting of online casino performance by running proper CRM, Design, Website Operations, Sportsbook Risk Management, Fraud Management, Product Management and Financial Advisory solutions.

In the beginning, it was just three company founders who started operations. As the number of clients is increasing fast, we have managed to recruit 75+ employees and spread operating areas to 27 locations.

The majority of processes are fully automated and on average, we execute 1k retention and reactivation campaigns/week for a database of 8M customers.

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