UK bingo sites gearing up for Christmas

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As we enter the festive season, there are many bingo sites across the UK getting ready for Christmas. This is often the busiest time of the year for many industries and the online gambling sector is no different

There are many different ways in which online bingo operators are preparing for Christmas and each one is disparate in how they do so with a focus on the player. 

We have explored some of the various ways in which bingo sites are getting prepared to make sure that their players have as good an experience as possible. 


These are nothing new in the world of online bingo, however, over the Christmas period, bingo sites often have these available on offer much more regularly. What players might find is that there are daily or even weekly promotions, which have many different options for players. Some might include significantly huge prizes, while others may include the opportunity to win a small prize every day with one free entry into a bingo game.  

There are plenty of good bingo sites that have these on offer so it is just a case of finding the ones that appeal most to you! Below, you will find examples of a few of the different type of promotions that some of the best bingo sites in the UK are offering. 

BingoAdvent Calendar  

Some bingo sites offer promotions in the form of an advent calendar style where players typically click on a ‘window’ of an advent calendar on the bingo site which reveals a gift for that particular day. Usually the player will be required to ‘opt in’ to this promotion in order to start receiving the gifts which often increase in value all the way up to Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Some of these prizes can be as attractive as iPads and holidays depending on how notable the site is, so it is worth looking around so that you do not miss out! 

Bumper Cash Prizes 

There are a number of bingo sites that offer games to players on selected days over the month of December which offer life-changing cash prizes along with a free entry into these games, depending on the operator. While you might have to potentially play for quite a while, this could definitely be worth it and make sure that you have an unforgettable Christmas! 

Daily Free Spins 

What you also might find at some bingo sites over Christmas is that they offer players free spins to use on their slots every day, in addition to other promotions that involve bingo games. It is worth looking out for bingo sites that do this, because it means that you have a range of different promotions on offer. 

Christmas Facelift 

In order to try and help you to get into the Christmas spirit, some bingo sites invariably ‘decorate’ their websites with more festive imagery and branding, As a result of this, you might find that they have changed the banner at the top of the website to incorporate things that you might associate with this time of the year. 

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