SiGMA Asia 2024: Enhancing user engagement and decoding online marketing trends in Asia

Shirley Pulis Xerxen 1 month ago
SiGMA Asia 2024: Enhancing user engagement and decoding online marketing trends in Asia

In one of today’s keynotes, supported by Wicked Games, at the SiGMA Asia Summit, Kien Bui, a Solution Architect at BytePlus, focused on the transformative potential of these technologies in the iGaming industry. He explored how cloud video, AI integration, and live streaming platforms can be used to elevate gamer experiences to unprecedented levels of interactivity and immersion. Bui’s insights provided a roadmap for iGaming companies looking to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive market.

In an industry with market projections indicating it could reach $153 billion by 2030, Bui emphasised the role of advanced technologies in driving this expansion, highlighting the rise of cloud gaming, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI) integration to personalise gaming experiences. Additionally, the importance of high-quality streaming and ultra-low latency communication was defined as crucial for enhancing user experiences.

Four key areas to improve user engagement

Bui shared insights from his work with several iGaming platforms, identifying four key areas where companies are focusing their efforts to improve user engagement and retention. Security emerged as the top priority, with the protection of sensitive user information and transactions being paramount. Bui stressed the importance of building trust among players, which is essential for platform reputation and player retention.

Latency reduction and high-quality streaming were identified as the next critical areas of focus. Bui provided examples of how even slight delays in live streaming can significantly impact user satisfaction and betting outcomes, emphasising the need for ultra-low latency solutions.

Interactivity within games was also highlighted as a key factor in enhancing user engagement. Bui noted that more players are seeking in-game interactions, whether it’s player versus player or player versus dealer, and that the more interactive the experience, the higher the player retention rates.

Bui shared two case studies demonstrating the successful implementation of these strategies. One live casino provider, experienced a 40% increase in engagement and retention rates after introducing ultra-low latency streaming, contributing to a 150% revenue growth within a month. Another platform, focusing on traditional Filipino cockfighting events, saw thousands of daily visits and tens of thousands of concurrent viewers during peak events, thanks to optimised live streaming and interactive features.

To achieve these results, Bui outlined the necessity of an integrated ecosystem that includes a global CDN network for content acceleration, security measures to protect against bot attacks and data theft, and a global RTC network for real-time communication with ultra-low latency.

Bui’s keynote highlighted the importance of leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create secure, interactive, and high-quality streaming experiences for gamers. With the iGaming industry’s competitive landscape becoming increasingly intense, Bui’s strategies offer a blueprint for companies looking to enhance user engagement and secure a competitive edge.

All eyes on East Europe

The gaming world will be turning its focus on East Europe this September when SiGMA East Europe Summit 2024 lands in Budapest.

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