Using video for your game’s marketing strategy

Katy Micallef 11 months ago
Using video for your game’s marketing strategy

Using video content as part of your marketing strategy is a prevalent and effective way to reach your target audience. The best video content can showcase what makes your game stand out, its unique features, and why your target audience members should play it.

Video content marketing for games is everywhere within the iGaming industry, though some of it leaves a lot to be desired. Having eye-catching video content that exhibits your game well and connects to your target audience can make your title stand out from the rest.

Kicking Things Off

After choosing your video partner, it’s a good idea to begin the process with a kickoff meeting. This provides a set time for the client to impart their needs and for the video partner to understand what the work will entail. It’s crucial for the video partner to learn about the game and its features as much as possible before commencing work on the video content to best deliver the core message and showcase its gameplay.

Following a kickoff meeting, a creative brief from the client is an extremely valuable resource. They’re helpful throughout the entire production process as reference material, so there is no ambiguity about the creative direction, key messages, or anything else the client wants in their video content.

From here, an agreement can be made on the creative direction. It’s common practice for Igloo Gaming to present a client with multiple options so that if they’re not particularly keen on one direction, there are other options available. Once the overall creative direction has been established, pre-production can begin, and the main production phase next. As a video partner, using  storyboards is a useful way of keeping a visual reference throughout the production process.

Types of Video Content

A video’s content will differ based on what kind of video it is. In every case, the goal is to make your game stand out, which can be accomplished in different ways depending on what style of video is being created.

Pre-release trailers are a fantastic way to hone in on the theme and art of a game. If your casino game has a specific visual theme, sci-fi, for example, a short, 30-second pre-release trailer is a practical way to showcase it.

Trailers tend to focus on a combination of gameplay, themes, and art. This style of video is a great tool to present a holistic view of your game, in addition to highlighting its unique selling points. If it contains innovative gameplay mechanics or a distinct visual style, a trailer is a great way to demonstrate it.

Gameplay walkthroughs emphasize the gameplay mechanics of your title. These videos are useful for showing not only gameplay but also its versatility. Any gameplay options and elements of player choice are perfect to highlight in a two-minute gameplay video. Two minutes is generally ample time to show off gameplay features in an easy-to-understand way in some depth.

Using Narrative to Market Your Game

Sometimes games are just art and have no narrative associated with them, but a creative agency like Igloo Gaming can craft one to use as part of its video content. Using storytelling is a helpful device to market your title.

For instance, if Igoo Gaming is crafting a trailer for a casino game that has no story, we can make compelling story beats to help the target audience relate to it. We can base this on its overall visual style and the characters in the game. Storytelling in a trailer, even in the absence of an overarching narrative, can invest potential players and help them care about the characters and in-game events.

Combining story with attention-grabbing visual elements is great practice for marketing your game. It can add value to your game while simultaneously presenting the target audience with what they can expect from it in terms of gameplay and visuals.

Video Partnership

While there might be some crossover between pre-release trailers, trailers, and gameplay videos, they each have unique elements that take an experienced team to craft well.

Igloo Gaming and Igloo Creative House have abundant experience working with clients to create impactful video marketing content for the gaming industry. We’re more than capable of providing any video content to match the needs of your game. As part of the Magic Media group, we’re can provide all of the above video services, and more, for your game.

Video marketing in the gaming industry is ubiquitous but not always done as well as it could be. Working with a trusted video partner like Igloo Gaming for your gaming industry video needs can give your game an edge, attract the right audience, and add value to your upcoming game release.


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