Vegas cognitive behaviour therapy for gamblers

Christine Denosta 2 weeks ago
Vegas cognitive behaviour therapy for gamblers

The Robert Hunter International Problem Gambling Center (PGC) in Las Vegas, Nevada, is receiving considerable attention for its distinctive approach to helping individuals in overcoming gambling addiction. The centre’s innovative methods are receiving such positive recognition, with thanks to a former patient who shared their success story in a recent interview.

At the core of PGC’s treatment approach is the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), a six-week therapy programme that has been meticulously designed to help patients address their gambling addiction while allowing them to continue with their daily lives. The programme consists of four three-hour sessions per week and incorporates the latest research on gambling addiction.

The programme not only equips patients with the knowledge they need to overcome their addiction but also provides a support system that includes involvement from the patient’s family, friends, and work environment. This holistic approach sets the PGC’s treatment apart and has been proven to be highly effective in helping patients on their journey to recovery.

Relapse prevention programme

The IOP at PGC is based on cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), a well-established and effective strategy for problem gambling treatment. The programme includes three key components: education, counselling, and individual therapy.

The education component ensures that patients are presented with the most recent scientific knowledge, allowing them to better understand and combat their disorder. The counselling programme teaches patients to take responsibility for their actions and organise their lives responsibly while also focusing on practical strategies to avoid succumbing to urges to gamble. Individual therapy directly addresses changing thoughts and behaviours related to gambling, providing patients with alternative ways of behaving and approaches to changing thought processes contributing to their addiction.

Following the completion of the IOP, patients at PGC have the option to participate in the Relapse Prevention Programme, which is designed to provide ongoing support and intervention for clients who have successfully completed the initial therapy. The programme aims to help clients identify and process negative feelings and engage in recovery activities before the relapse occurs.

Success rates and ongoing support

For patients who have completed the Relapse Prevention Program, an impressive 92 percent have maintained abstinence from gambling. PGC’s counsellors require at least two monthly recovery encounters, including participation in Gamblers Anonymous, aftercare services, and one-on-one or group counselling, contributing to the programme’s high success rate.

The centre continues to empower individuals to overcome gambling addiction. Its unique approach and high success rates are making a significant impact in the field of gambling addiction treatment.

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