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In his keynote speech, Hassan Bash owner of an agency and a consultancy firm in Los Angeles discusses business problems, and solutions in reaching the best performance with marketing

Originally from Saudi Arabia, Hassan is very diverse and has consulted various companies from all around the globe. He addresses the audience with a goal in mind, that is to choose one strategy and finishing it before moving on to the next one.

Performance marketing - Hassan Bash

When we hire new people, we start facing problems. The process of educating them, finding customers, building teams, time management, creating offers that are irresistible for your company are all the problems companies may be faced with.

The advice he gives is to pick one marketing strategy, try it for 90 days and test it out to see how it works. “No one can tell you the truth about it until you test it.  People lie, but data never lies. Numbers never lie.”

Taking Netflix into consideration, once you open the platform you can easily see all the strategies laid out in front of you. The important thing is to make the right move. “Don’t let the shiny object syndrome take over your emotions.” Businesses are unpredictable, as in chess, knowing your 12 moves before starting to play will always put you at an advantage. 

Going to a casino also doesn’t mean that you have a secured win. Winning is never predictable although a win most usually gets you excited to play more. 

The way businesses work is you sell by building relationships online with the right strategies. The right strategies include knowing where to put your money. Hiring the wrong person, and burning a lot of money on Facebook or YouTube ads will exhaust the company and cause a struggle.

As an entrepreneur, you need to be in a flow state of mind and focus on one thing, forget about the interruptions surrounding you. A person, your team, your phone, can all be methods of interruptions. Having a predictable strategy is a starting step to help you grow further up.

Being trusted is another method of moving your business forward. We want to be able to build the right relationship with the right people. A simple, complete strategy in place will help you attract customers online 

Seeing companies using Facebook or YouTube ads doesn’t necessarily mean that this strategy works. For some people it might work but that doesn’t mean that it’s for everyone. Before anyone decides to run a business strategy in the world of digital marketing or high performance, the bash formula should be taken into consideration. 

Know your customer. Once you get to understand and know who your customer is, you can easily build on that foundation. Activate your business with the right strategies and later accelerate and automate it. Sometimes we tend to forget to serve and impact the right people. If your team is not motivated or performing at their best you need to be the one to impact the team and push them forward.

Firstly start by asking what’s going through your customer’s mind. “Know how to attract your customer, how to convert the customer, and how to retain them.”

Watch full keynote here:

Opening up the discussion to the audience:

digital performance | Hassan Bash

-“Many people are saying email is dead. So I’m asking you, what do you think? Is it dead or is it still alive and kicking?”

I believe that with the right people in your email list and a targeted message, emails are still doing their job at a 100% rate. It’s never dead.

-“Can you talk a little bit about your loom strategy? It’s a really good resource and tool for reach outs. How is it helping you get more clients

Loom is a site as a SAS company that basically helps you film yourself to send an outreach to your clients or your team. It’s a great resource to share your screen or send a video via a link or via email and quite powerful as well. 

 –“Can you expand a little bit about how you make sure that your clients get that motivation?” 

We have to be clear about what we really want in our personal and professional life. I don’t care if you say business is business, personal is personal. So be productive, be clear about what you really want in our personal and professional life. I don’t care if you say business is business, personal is personal. What you set yourself on a personal level always affects you on a business level. Having clarity in both of them is really powerful. Another important point is taking care of your energy mentally. If you are not taking care of your capacity this will affect your performance overall. Your personal life will automatically impact your professional life. To be courageous is also a very powerful tool. 

Another important aspect of influencing is listening. If you want to influence in sales you have to first be able to listen to the client’s needs. Influence is all about listening, less about talking. Listening can be one of the main forces that solve problems better in our system. Just listening, it’s not always about solving problems.”

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