[WATCH] “A Malta built for future generations will continue to be encouraged by similar ambition plans like those of SiGMA” – Silvio Schembri during Malta Week ’21

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In his keynote speech during SiGMA Europe, Hon. Silvio Schembri, Minister for the Economy, addresses those showing trust in Malta, stressing that the Maltese government will continue to give all the support needed to act as an enabler for businesses to expand and flourish in the country 

A few months ago, COVID struck and the world changed having to adapt to certain circumstances. The government of Malta mobilised a wide range of support measures to re-energise the economy with the government’s response to COVID being quick, decisive, and effective.  

Schembri says that fact that SiGMA Malta took place, celebrating the world’s foremost iGaming expo, is proof that the measures put forward are working and having indeed worked. The gaming sector’s resilience during this time has resulted in the growth of this sector with SiGMA Europe’s 2021 energy being proof of this. 

Silvio Schembri - Eman Pulis
Minister for the Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri (left) with SiGMA Group Founder Eman Pulis (right).

“The COVID pandemic has not stopped us. We have kept on looking ahead and being ahead of the loop. We are embracing an economic vision that leads to longer-term plans, having innovation and aiming to foster new mindsets, capable of addressing emerging challenges while identifying goals or relevant solutions.” 

A Malta built for future generations will continue to be encouraged by similar ambition plans like those of SiGMA, where Malta is at the stage of global ambitions. The Maltese government aims to continue working hard to ensure that the policies and the government’s vision are a catalyst for further plans. 

Furthermore, as a government, the body is completely investing its energy to sooner rather than later, remove Malta from the FATF gray list to which Schembri wholeheartedly thanks and welcomes the commitments of those present as key players in this field that is of doing their part so that together they all pull the same rope. “A testimonial for this is your commitment to continuing to invest in our country.” 

“As a government, we stood shoulder to shoulder with everyone, both, our citizens, as well as those who are our guests and only remotely connected to our country.”  

The Maltese government had stood up to adversity during tough times and shall do so again, even this time. This time the country is facing a challenge that has to be addressed by everyone pulling the same rope. “Some people, dig gray skies, but we see blue skies.”  

Just a few weeks ago PressEnter Group inaugurated new headquarters offices in Sliema. A brand new six-floor headquarters, right in the heart of Sliema looking to house 250 more new employees by next year. 

As also reported recently by SiGMA News portal, in a survey conducted by the Boston link: “The trend for gaming jobs in Malta is on the growth spur.” 

During the first quarter of 2021, the number of new jobs created was consistently above the pre-COVID-19 levels. iGaming is indeed thriving and the government has worked exhaustedly to attract e-sports and video game development companies and startups to also take root in Malta and flourish its ecosystem. 

Just a few weeks back, Malta also inaugurated the new offices of gaming in Zejtun which are going to serve as the beating heart of the growth for this industry. It is an important hub where concerns will be heard and ideas germinated. It is ultimately the place where everyone can act holistically for further inputs. 

Minister Silvio Schembri.
Minister Silvio Schembri giving out his speech during SiGMA Europe in Malta, 2021.

Schembri insists that as a govt, Malta is also intensely committed to continuing with its drive, to strengthen and nurture its talent base. To that end, the Maltese govt has also signed an agreement with unity to train and ultimately license MCAST and University of Malta lecturers who will consistently then be enabled to teach students. 

We also integrated base camp and modern 700 square meters facility in Zejtun accommodating 10 different sites through those merch spaces operated by gaming Malta. Base camp is aimed at high-potential startups in the video game development e-sports and immersive technology sector. 

Further to providing subsidised office space base camp, the government is also looking at running an accelerator program with game business knowledge workshops, networking events, and also give the accelerator participants access to an ever-expanding network of industry professionals and investors who are based both locally and overseas. 

“I, therefore, look forward to seeing this power sprouting of new innovative ideas, which undoubtedly will shape the cause of the gaming sector in the years to come. Base camp will also serve as a hub for events, advice, and business matchmaking, but we want to remain ahead of the loop right now.  

For example, we are in the process of attracting venture capital funds, which invest specifically in video game development and immersive technologies. We are seeing conversions in technology. This industry is constantly evolving and today more than ever, sectors are becoming more intertwined, particularly through technology, iGaming, Video game, e-sports, blockchain, AI, augmented reality and virtual reality are the sum of all parts, which will continue to cement Malta as the home of gaming excellence.” 

Schembri ends his keynote speech by thanking those present for visiting the islands of Malta and also those who are present for this event for the first time.  

For those who have already invested in this country and will continue to show trust in this island, Silvio Schembri as a Minister for the Economy, and also as part of a government entity will continue to give all the support needed to act as an enabler for their business to expand and flourish in Malta.  


SiGMA Asia 2022

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