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Marketing beyond borders, the in-depth conference geared towards affiliate, junket traffic and influencer marketing 

Charles Herisson (CEO, Betadvisor) and Katja Nordstrand (Head of affiliates, Poshfriends) discuss marketing beyond borders moderated by Michael Caselli (founder and editor in chief, iGB).

Asia is a ‘big sleeping giant’ with great opportunities!

Charles Herisson, the CEO of Betadvisor interviewed by The Betting Coach delves into deep analysis on what was discussed during the panel.

Charles Herisson – CEO, Betadvisor.

Betadvisor is one of the most important tipster companies in the world, a reference point for millions of bettors in every corner of the planet. What responsibilities does being CEO of such an important group entail? 

I believe that all the works are important and I think that too often the spotlight is focused only on the attackers and not on the defenders. 

In a company as in a family or in a team, each of us plays an indispensable role and for this we must always give our contribution with the utmost motivation and determination. This approach has always helped me not to feel any particular pressure for the role I play. Often the main challenge, is work in an international context and interpret the different cultures we deal with. An extremely stimulating challenge that I do with great pleasure. 

Covid-19 has stopped all offline markets favoring a significant increase in online business. The web as an opportunity to break down borders and reach the world with a click. What does working online mean and what are the main marketing strategies that a good web entrepreneur should know? 

I have always loved exploring beyond borders and being ‘Out Of The Box’; today thanks to widespread digitalization, more and more people are free to express themselves and this is a great opportunity. Marketing strategies always depend on the context. What works in a nation and with a target of people or a product is not always good when variables change in matters. Of one thing I am increasingly convinced: the business models of the future will be based on the ability to create communities of values. Brands must go beyond the boundaries of sales and seek evangelizers rather than consumers. This is a phenomenon that already occurs in some industries such as the food industry, where more and more people have decided to be vegan, including me. In that industry you do not have simple consumers but people who have made lifestyle choices with which they are strongly convinced and who spread and represent in every social occasion. The maximization of positions is an inevitable phenomenon in the social-driven society. Companies must not be overwhelmed by this phenomenon but interpret and guide it. 

You have been among the speakers of this edition of SiGMA-ICE ASIA FOCUS, in the panel dedicated to the analysis of the Affiliate & Junket Traffic and the Influencer Marketing. What are we talking about? 

We talked about how the same gaming market moves with different logics and methods in Asia than in Europe. Too often I have seen European companies come back defeated by their expansion in the Asian markets. It must be understood that internationalization is an extremely delicate process which must be the result of a long-term vision. In the panel, among other things, we talked about the difference between the European online affiliation systems and the Asian terrestrial agent system. A very interesting topic 

 Asia, for years now, is an important target for many companies, especially for Gambling. The vast territory, customs and traditions seem to naturally favor this last market. What is your opinion on this and how did your company decide to move on the territory? 

Asia is a huge market full of opportunities like Africa. Our company has started an important B2B and B2C expansion path in Africa and now we are very focused on this sector. Asia is something we want to conquer with local partners only B2B and only in some areas. We have participated in many events like this for more than 5 years just to be always updated on the latest trends. 

 To conclude … Asia, Europe and recently we learned that your company has obtained the license to operate in the USA (New Jersey). What are the future goals of Betadvisor and what news await its users? 

Our goals are all focused in one direction. We want to help spread a culture of safe and responsible gaming globally. In many markets, we may arrive 20 years earlier. We are expanding into many territories with the formula of national licenses. We give the opportunity to use our brand, our predictions, and our information and relationships, to companies that are interesting in growing their user communities in the world of sports and games. We prefer to do this B2B with local partners who can guide product development according to different needs. In the future, we are focusing a lot on Italy. We are growing very quickly thanks to the collaboration with major online affiliate companies. In just over 3 months, thanks to strategic partnerships, we have achieved unimaginable results. Soon we will formalize some important collaborations and as always our friends of The Betting Coach will be the first to know. We have chosen to have a privileged relationship with your group because we review the same values ​​in your community that have guided the birth and growth of ours. 

Watch the full discussion here:

During the panel discussion Katja Nordstrand  who is head of affiliates at Poshfriends made some really interesting points on affiliate and ambassador relationships and how these can be acquired to maximise efficiency in the industry. This is what she had to say:

Michael Caselli asked: brand ambassadors or influencers and influencer marketing has become a big industry globally in the past few years, how are you utilising the influencers in the Asian market to send quality traffic for gaming and gambling sites?

Katja Nordstrand – Head of affiliates, Poshfriends.

Our most productive collaboration is a result of accidents and good deeds you have forgotten about. It is the same for both the European and the Asian market. I believe that everything is connected. The Russian market has a very strong affiliate community. To get loyal brand ambassadors you must first support new comers and explain everything to them. Inform them about the basics of working with affiliate programmes, answer all their questions and from hundreds of them you might get one major affiliate. They won’t forget your help. This is extremely relevant for the market.

When it comes to a personal relationship between the agent and the player, how do you utilise an influencer to be a brand ambassador or to endorse a particular game or product? How do you get that same level of trust?

Product endorsement is reallt important especially in the grey or new markets like Russia or Japan for example. It legalises casino for people, make it accatable and trustworthy. Seeing casino logos in music videos for example makes it a solid and reliable company. The idea is if you can integrate with a celebrity you are trustworthy, this is how it works in Russia. When it comes to micro influencers it’s a bit different. You have to take inn consideration that a good opinion leader knows the audience better than you do. Never micromanage streamers or write their scripts. They always know better what to say. They know how to introduce your casino better. Its important to set up all necessary trekking beforehand and try to be attentive to influencers needs. Influencer marketing is a long play sometimes you need time to build relationships with affiliates but its usually worth it.

How do you bring influencers on board?

Word of mouth is really important. Sometimes they have a negative attitude towards our affiliate programme or casino but once you explain everything they can really become your friends as they are truly interested in how you work.

To conclude Charles Harrison beleives that, each market has different characteristics and thanks to our technologies we want to give personalised experiences to communities of users with different needs, united by the passion for responsible gaming. 

If you want to re-live the SiGMA Digital experience go to our Youtube channels – SiGMA – World’s iGaming Festival and AIBC Summit!

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