[WATCH] “Being part of the gaming market is something we say proudly as it’s become a really prime industry across the globe.” – IMGL President during SiGMA Europe

Maria Debrincat 2 years ago
[WATCH] “Being part of the gaming market is something we say proudly as it’s become a really prime industry across the globe.” – IMGL President during SiGMA Europe

President of the worldwide regulatory organisation IMGL, Marc Ellinger joins SiGMA Europe on stage to discuss how IMGL is shaping the future of gaming law

The IMGL is a non-profit organization dedicated to education and the exchange of professional knowledge and guidance among gaming attorneys, regulators, educators, executives, and consultants from across the world. During Malta Week 2021 we had the opportunity to be greeted with Marc Ellinger’s presence who’s the President of this worldwide organisation for a keynote speech on stage.

The International Masters of Gaming Law is an important and effective vehicle for disseminating gaming law advancements around the world because of its open networking and pooled experience of its members. Members of the IMGL work separately and not in a partnership to practice law together.

The world changed, but we did a great job in the gaming industry of making gaming, a steadfast part of the world and a success at a time when many other industries struggled, across the globe in the United States, in Europe, and in Asia. There was a surge in iGaming and mobile gaming especially when land-based casinos closed during the pandemic.

Ellinger states that he won’t be focusing his speech on the five-letter word that we’ve all lived through. “Instead, I’m going to talk about what we’ve done as an industry to overcome and actually thrive.”


Some of the largest land-based casinos in the world had to be shuttered entirely. But the gaming industry survived. “In the interim, we saw massive transactions, mergers, and acquisitions were also really a key component of the restructuring of the gaming industry and members of the IMGL, many of whom are in the room here today, were really key in many of those mergers and acquisitions and in the regulatory approvals that are required.”

iGaming is springing up across the country in the US with sports betting rising across the country. We don’t want to live through times like we just have, but he goes on to say that it’s really instructive to think about the fact that through the course of those times, our industry has grown and thrived at a time when people maybe gave up a little bit of hope on the success of this market.

“It’s great to be back in person during the conference, and it’s great seeing so many people that want to come out and continue that progress because that’s what we’ve made. We’ve made progress.

Many people used to say that being in the gaming industry was something you said under your breath, now it’s something we say proudly because it’s become really a prime industry across the globe.”

Ellinger states that it’s his pleasure as the president of IMGL, to be leading an organization of gaming lawyers, many of whom, present during the conference but a substantial number also members of WH Partners. WH Partners have also played an important role in supporting this conference by generously sponsoring and putting together much of the program like James Scicluna and Serana both of whom have been keeping the trains on track and keeping everything going well.

He boasts the fact that the IMGL is an organization of fully vetted expert attorneys and you have to go through an approval process to become a member. IMGL’s mission is education as they strive to educate folks on gaming law, on regulatory matters and use that process to move gaming into the future. “We are the future.”

This conference is proof of this and IMGL’s members represent operators, suppliers, affiliates, and everybody in the gaming industry. IMGL’s members are present in six continents, more than 50 countries over half the states in the United States, and provinces in Canada.

Marc Ellinger encourages the crowd to reach out to their list of qualified lawyers for any queries or issues that cross all boundaries and all borders in gaming.

SiGMA 2022:

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