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India is a fast-growing market in Asia, which is why SiGMA insisted on having a panel focussed specifically on the region during the SiGMA Digital summit.

Speaking on the panel were Jaydeep Chakravartty, Vice President of Commercial at NEKTAN, Varun Mahna, Founder of PokerDangal, and Johan Stryren, CEO at Dilanti Media. Moderating the panel was Oliver De Bono, COO at Condor Gaming.

Opening the discussion Styren noted that, unlike in other markets, the cricket market in India is so “bizarrely big” that you just can’t ignore it.

“Most of the markets we go into we tend to stay quite focused on casino, however, obviously, the potential of the cricket market in India is bizarrely big, you just can’t ignore it. I think cricket specifically is just such a huge volume and there’s such potential and is certainly something we’re addressing.”

Fun fact: Johan recently featured on SiGMA’s Affiliate Grand Slam series – read the interview here.

Focus India SiGMA Digital Summit Discussing the iGaming market in India during the SiGMA Digital summit.

Mahna further commented by pointing out that the advent of technology in the region will make other sports more popular and more easily available to the masses.

“One of the key things which has happened recently in India has been the advent of technology. We are having a boom in payment mechanisms, smartphone penetration and data availability which is all adding into the ecosystem, and making these sports more popular and more easily available to the masses.”

In terms of acquisition, Chakravartty explained that the traditional SEO methods are not as present in India.

“In India, this kind of affiliate industry does not exist. There are different kinds of marketing companies in India which work on cost-per-lead or cost-per-registration or other models.”

Closing the discussion, Mahna gave an overview of the Indian audience, describing it as having an “affinity towards casual gaming”.

“Typically what we saw in an Indian audience until about three years back was an affinity towards casual gaming. Now the kind of gaming that is taking place is a lot more raw, skill-based, and has to be more engaging for the consumers, and it has to definitely come with a lot of value for the users in terms of monetisation and skill-levels enhancement.

Looking to the future, SiGMA Group is working tirelessly to perfect the upcoming LatAm Digital event in September, and the physical summit in Malta in November later this year – Register Here!

If you want to re-live the SiGMA Digital experience go to our Youtube channels – SiGMA – World’s iGaming Festival and AIBC Summit.

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