[WATCH] MyAffiliates’ Clemence Dujardin: all eyes on emerging markets

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Clemence Dujardin, Managing Director at MyAffiliates sits down with SiGMA TV on our Executive Series to discuss how the company is embracing emerging markets and much more

SiGMA TV sits with the Managing Director at MyAffiliates, Clemence Dujardin, as part of the Executive Series to share her experiences as a woman in the iGaming industry, what 2020 looked like for the company, and the importance of emerging markets.

MyAffiliates is an affiliate marketing software platform that offers iGaming and Forex, Binary, and Lottery operators a suite of services allowing them to manage their affiliate program.

Career trajectory

Dujardin joined MyAffiliates in 2012 after navigating the affiliate management and affiliate software technology sphere. Clemence won Malta’s Best Gaming Woman Leader of the Year in 2018 and 2019. When asked what was her motivation to start working in the gaming industry, she replied:

I joined MyAffiliates eight years, nine years ago, now it’s going to be my 10 years very soon. I joined after I had explored affiliate marketing […] then I decided it was a bit tiring and time to change, went into the software industry, worked for our competitors for a couple of years, and then moved on to MyAffiliates. 

I had marketing, whatever you wanted but you know gaming, nobody knew about it so you had to learn from the bottom.

Women in iGaming

SiGMA Conference 2019 Malta- Clemence DuJardin- My AffiliateSiGMA News recently reached out to some top tier industry leading women to share their experience on what it’s like to be a women working in a historically male-dominated industry. When asked about the additional challenges she faced as a woman in the industry, Dujardin (pictured at the SiGMA Conference 2019 Malta) replied:

I think it’s a challenge as a human as it is and as a woman even more. And as a human, you have to start from scratch because the industry didn’t train people at the time.

It was challenging in terms of women of course as it is still a male dominated industry, at the time it was just males.

2020 for MyAffiliates: embracing adaptation

The past year has been a challenging year for all as the COVID-19 pandemic forced industries to adopt to a ‘new normal’ way of operating. Eventually, those who adopted new business strategies and technologies thrived and MyAffiliates is no exception:

Working remotely for us was never actually a challenge because we work with teams who work in different parts of the world so you have to adapt […]. The processes and the methods of working in remote teams were already there so that made our lives much easier.

I know there is a lot of going around and saying ‘teleworking is great’, ye it is great but you need to keep it in measures. […] There is that need of people coming into the office to socialise because most of the tie their working life is their social life.

In addition, the Dujardin also highlights the company’s shift towards catering to businesses with traditionally offline models as My Affiliates continues to expand.

Expanding into the emerging markets 

While MyAffilates operates in three key regions, namely Europe, Australia, Canada and the U.S, the Managing Director contends that more operators are using the affiliate model outside of Europe creating a push for rapid expansion and adaptation:

I think there is a trigger for the past year and a half, two years, where we see Africa coming quite a lot in fact we have soon two new operators launching in Africa. We have the U.S, we don’t speak much about the U.S because of the regulation, but we realised a couple of years ago that there is a lot of demand and the licencing is not that difficult for products like ours.

We’re also expending into the Latin American market. The Latin American market is a bit of a challenging one, it is a bit like the African, where people are used to the offline model of the shops – these kinds of models. So there is some adaptation from the client itself and from our side as well as the software providers to understand how we can convert offline to online.

WATCH the full interview below:

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