[WATCH] Powerful Leaders: It’s not about beanbags and Friday night drinks.””

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Robyn Pratt of Impact Consulting joins Keith Caruana of Kindred, Alex Kornilov of Betgey and Francina Moisa of Nicholsmoisa, to moderate a panel on how powerful leadership plays a big role on how to effectively engage such a diverse workplace.

In her very first sentence in the discussion about powerful leadership, Robyn Pratt says the words ‘engage’ and ‘diverse’ which definitely hit the nail on its head as this panel truly delves into what perhaps are sometimes overlooked aspects that help in easing different employees with different cultures and perspectives into a comfortable workspace that allows him or her to focus on the work at hand.

In response to Pratt’s departing point of discussion, Francina Moisa joins in to say that perhaps as much as there’s always been quite a lot of emphasis on company culture and branding, and the company’s identity and how employees can identify themselves with it, she questions whether we have lost a sense of diversity in establishing a brand identity, and asks

Have we lost potential individuals that don’t resonate immediately with the image we’ve got in front of us?’

Alex Kornilov

The question raised some interesting points and Keith Caruana (pictured above second from left with Robynn Pratt, Alex Kornilov and Francina Moisa respectively) stepped in to give his point of view from a facilities management point of view, and he seemed to emphasize on the importance of consistency. He went on to talk on how in the process of Kindred’s doubling of human resources the company brand had to revamp itself, having HR working with marketing and facilities from a very technical point of view, analyzing the company project’s vision and never letting it out of its sight.

Caruana’s point of view naturally comes from a relatively big company, which has over 400 employees, and so it was fascinating to see Alex Kornilov’s reaction coming from a relatively small company with a few number of employees. Kornilov said that a company like his has a limit to what it can offer to its employees with regards to certain benefits, comfy, home-like interiors, games and so on, and so he said that what he believes he has to offer to his employee to make him truly engage in the workplace is a task which gets him excited.

Interesting projects drives people like nothing else.’ 

Watch the SiGMA 2019 HR & Careers Conference Panel in full: 

As the mic was passed back to Moisa, she made an important observation from an HR perspective on how the stage in which the company finds itself as it is branding itself will makes a big difference, whether it is in startup mode, developing or completely structured, since ‘different people in different areas will respond differently to different conditions.’

Francina Moisa

The points made here continued to emphasize the importance of clarity, and Caruana went on to give the example of tech-savvy employees which tend to be of the millennial generation, saying how he observed that in distinguishing new generational personality traits, one is able to provide the employees with the facilities they need to not think about anything else except for work.

As the panel was slowly coming to a conclusion Moisa highlighted the keyword ‘relationship’ in addressing the methodology between employer and employee saying how adaptability is something that is inherently fluid and that needs to be kept as malleable as possible. To explain this she gave an example of how when open-plan workspaces were created out of the need for more social environments for the employees, seeing as they were spending so much time at work and not socialising, that was a necessary step, but as with everything else, anything can be taken a step too far, so management teams need to be on the alert. From this the panel then ended with the cliché but nonetheless important point that,

Basically it’s not one size its all.’


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