[WATCH] – “We are flexible and enable ourselves to work with everybody”, Jake Dovey for SiGMA Pitch

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Stanley Yin

Co-founder of Rubiks Tech, Jake Dovey, joins the SiGMA Pitch Startups program which allows startups to take the platform and elaborate on what they’re offering

SiGMA’s Michael Saliba got together with Rubiks Tech‘s Jake Dovey to spotlight the first of the SiGMA Pitch Startups which will be coming out periodically on SiGMA News. SiGMA Pitch is an event by SiGMA which showcases over a hundred different startups and enables them to take the red seat and present their product to an environment surrounded by top investors and mentors helping them to create a good strong network.

Rubiks Tech are a rapidly-growing provider of streamlined and decentralised payment solutions. This is what Jake had to say. Watch the video below for the full pitch.

Our agnostic approach delivers end value because we do not have an agenda, as we are not trying to sell you  a product or a service.”

Watch Jake Dovey’s interview on SiGMA Pitch Startups below: 

In the pitch Jake elaborates on how although the main focus of Rubiks Tech is online gaming having 60% of their customers coming from that particular sector,  the company is currently working on forming a solid financial services team to be able to offer an excellent e-commerce product.

He goes on to talking about verticals and how at Rubiks Tech, they believe that they all require their own custom-made attention, services, payment methods and solutions, all of which the company provides.

At the end of the pitch Jake talks about the importance of being flexible to enable the company to work with everyone and provide a payment service that is unique to the traditional psp’s and payment gateways that are currently online.


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