[WATCH] World’s biggest gambling hub Macau reopens for business

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2NT8 Managing Director, Alidad Tash’s interview with Yanni Collins continues in the video below

Asia’s gambling hub became a ghost town after coronavirus lockdowns saw a severe downturn in visitors. Macau has taken its first steps on the road to recovery as the casino capital starts issuing tourist visas again. Despite the return of the Individual Visit Scheme (IVS) Visas in Macao for the mainland Chinese travellers, Alidad Tash discusses why Macao’s full recovery will be slow, Macao’s pre-pandemic and current gaming situation, and his future predictions on Gaming in Macao.

Alidad Tash, an expert in international gaming, has over 20+ years of experience in gaming, both in Las Vegas and Macao. He is currently the managing director of 2NT8 Limited, a consultancy firm specializing in casinos and integrated resorts. The interview was recorded on 17 August, less than a week after the tourist (IVS) visa resumption news. Given SiGMA’s audience base from Europe and the Americas (hence their unfamiliarity with Macao), I spent the first few minutes covering the distant and recent history of Macao. Afterwards, we delved into what the good news announced earlier this month could mean for revenues, online gaming. Here’s a rundown of the interview in case you’d want to jump to a specific topic:

  • 00:01> Intro / bio
  • 01:32> Macao history, background
  • 03:31> Medical response to COVID-19
  • 05:36> Revenue declines since COVID-19
  • 07:25> Impact of the IVS resumption
  • 11:47> When will things go back to normal?
  • 14:37> Online gaming and proxy betting in Macao?
  • 18:28> Next steps… end



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