[WATCH]SEO and content: Learn from your competitors””

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[WATCH]SEO and content: Learn from your competitors””

Moderated by Andy Blackburn of GameOn, and joined by Sean Bianco from Gain Changer, Marcus Sandstrom of Mr Authority and Peter Ekmark of Internet Vikings, this SiGMA panel discusses SEO optimisation and its necessity in the industry

Regardless of the vertical, country-specific content and SEO optimisation is a must have for any-affiliate with a target audience, and moderator Andy Blackburn immediately addresses his closest panelist Sean Bianco, and asks him to say what are in his opinions the ‘easy wins’ and the pitfalls of writing content.

To this, Bianco sets up the two main key points of language and region, giving the example of for instance operators doing well in Spain or using Spanish and as a consequence, they think this will be an easy transition in they decide to move to LatAm, when in reality it is more complex than that. He adds that the knowledge of the audience is key, in other words the data that the operator can get from the people generating the traffic on the site is valuable to understand what is working, what’s not working and what do players and clients in general want.

Watch the panel below:

Following Bianco, Peter Ekmark takes the question and addresses the fact that even though it depends on the region, it is almost always the case that the importance and priority of quality over quantity makes a big difference, seeing as the former ahs the ability to engage the player making him or her more likely to have an established relationship with a site or an operator, whilst quantity simply keeps on pushing said site or operator to the user’s searches but lacks that same relationship.

Up until this point the conversation hadn’t turned to Marcus Sandstrom, and when it did he noted some interesting specific exemplary differences of regiosn to further compliment the other panelists’ points where he said that for instance in the Japanese markets for instance you notice a difference in cultures from anywhere in Europe, where you have a longer level of dwell time on the site, for the players to understand who is behind the operators and their reliability; something which is perhaps less popular in European countries. Bianco then followed up on the importance of considering this as you have countries such as Brazil where the players don’t trust the banks so they’ll naturally be quite skeptical as to how payments work when it comes to gaming and so he said that

It becomes your responsibility as an affiliate to educate these peopel and provide them a casino at the right step of the process that then they can convert.’

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When Blackburn turned the conversation onto video content as opposed to written, Bianco was the fist to respond, to which he immediately said that one of the many reasons why this is perhaps less popular is obvious, it’s more costly, and takes much more time. He also stated that he believes that when companies shift to video it is usually because they’ve been pushed to do so by their competitors. By this he doesn’t mean it’s ‘imposed’ upon, but rather this is the pacing and rhythm of content in general, seeing as it is used to compete with peers in one’s industry.

The panel concluded with an interesting brief roundup by Bianco wen he said that what he likes to do is to look at relevant data, saying how if you look at how the SEO industry works as a whole there are a lot of different tools and you have to find which tools are the most relevant to you. He then continued saying how no source of data is 100% relevant, so you need to amass some different sources of data, look for keywords in specific markets and specific topics, and, learn from your competitors.

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