What are the different types of esports bets?

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Common types of esports bets that users can acquaint themselves with before diving into the world of betting

The esports betting industry is still relatively new. However, the industry is growing very fast partly because of better regulations and more participation. Here are a few common types of esports bets that users can acquaint themselves with before diving into the world of betting.

Types of Esports Bets

Tournament Winner

Most bookies offer bettors the opportunity to place bets on a tournament winner. Esports is an ever-changing landscape and many factors affect a team’s performance. Regular game updates and players’ individual form play a major factor in determining a team’s performance at an event. During the past year, most tournaments shifted online and teams are more unpredictable in online events. As a result, there can be many upsets, allowing bettors to make some serious money.

Match Winner

Users can also bet on individual match outcomes. ‘Match winner’ bets rely on similar factors as tournament winners but on a local scale. While a team might win the tournament, it is uncommon to see an undefeated run. Upsets happen in esports and with proper research, esports bettors can find good odds.

First Map

Most bookies allow users to bet on the winner of individual maps in esports games. Users with adequate knowledge of a team’s map pool might have a slight advantage in these types of bets. In MOBAs, it boils down to the draft. However, in most cases, the bets are closed by the time the draft starts. It comes down to analysing team play styles and the approach to the game.

First Kill/First Blood

The first kill or first blood often holds special significance in esports games. A pistol round win can ensure a significant advantage to the winning team. In MOBAs, the first blood provides a gold lead and experience lead. Any lead in the early game can have a lasting impact on the early game and subsequently, the mid-game. Teams with an aggressive playstyle or players who are well-known for their pistol skills will often have the advantage.

Over/Under Bets

Most series in esports are best-of-three series, although there are instances when best-of-two and best-of-five matches are prevalent. Betting websites allow users to place bets on whether an esports series will go over or under a specific number. So in the case of a Bo3 series, bettors can place bets on the series going over 2.5 maps for a certain amount of payout.

Localising this bet in esports is the number of rounds in an FPS game. Unique bets such as the total number of rounds in a VALORANT game to stay under 20 can provide excellent returns.

Odd/Even Betting

A risky proposition for many, odd/even betting is basically a bet on whether the sum of the two scores is odd or even. For example, in a CS:GO match, users can bet whether the total rounds won by a team are odd or even.

Most Kills

Placing your faith in a particular player can often be rewarding. Most kills allow users to bet on which player or team will have the most kills in a game. In some Dota 2 esports games, the team with the most kills might not win the game, but betting on the right player can still win you some money.

Correct Score

Finally, a bet that is not entirely native to esports; a bet on the correct score is simply that. Bettors can predict the correct score of a game, and if they are right, they can earn some decent profits.
There are many other types of bets native to individual games and specific tournaments now that the esports betting industry has exploded in the past year. Most bookmakers offer bets on esports matches and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

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