Xanada Investments makes strategic investment in Promofy

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Xanada Investments makes strategic investment in Promofy

Xanada Investments, an ideological investment fund, has announced a strategic first round investment in Promofy, a cutting-edge no-code platform revolutionising gamification tools for the iGaming industry.

Promofy distinguishes itself with AI-driven gamification solutions tailored for casinos, sportsbooks, sports media, streaming services, and sports clubs to enhance user retention, foster loyalty, and attract new audiences through customisable gamification features.

Promofy has already gained significant traction, particularly during UEFA Euro 2024 in CIS with its “Free-to-Play” Suite integrated into sportsbooks that effectively engaged bettors as well as attracted players from other verticals.

Xanada Investments sees significant potential in Promofy’s gamification solutions, both for casinos and sportsbooks. This strategic investment aims to support Promofy’s expansion efforts into European markets following its successful debut in CIS Region, starting with the Georgian market.

With Xanada Investments’ backing, solid B2B expertise and wide network, Promofy is poised to redefine gamification strategies for casinos and sportsbooks globally, offering tailored solutions that drive customer loyalty and acquisition.

Vladimir Malakchi, CEO & Managing Partner of Xanada Investments, shared his views on the investment:

“Investing in Promofy is not just a wise choice; it’s a strategic move to support a game-changer in the iGaming sector. We see AI-driven gamification as a major force in evolving player analytics and engagement, particularly in sportsbooks, where Promofy’s offerings provide a genuine business advantage in today’s market.

We’re confident that our experience in business scaling, as well as our global partnership network, will advance Promofy and help them establish themselves as a trusted partner in the industry’s gamification.”

Irakli Darashvilli, CEO of Promofy, responded to the new investment:

“Promofy is levelling up, and with the power-up from Xanada Investments, we’re set for a game-changing growth in the near future. This investment is our ultimate combo move, fuelling our AI-enhanced technology and boosting our market reach with innovative gamification strategies.

We’re already making waves in the Georgian market with our F2P Suite for UEFA Euro 2024 campaigns, and with Xanada’s expertise, we’re ready to take our game to the next level, scaling our product across global markets.”

SiGMA East Europe Summit powered by Soft2Bet, will take place in Budapest from 2-4 September 2024.

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