Xpate launches Links and tops 100 team members

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This launch is amid this year’s advent in cross border ecommerce

Fintech start-up spurned on by launch of next generation payment gateway and with acquirers on the quest to lower operational risk, cut costs and optimise payments flow. Xpate offers clients over 70 payment methods in 17 currencies across the globe. Company headcount tops 100 – a sevenfold increase in the space of two years.

Xpate, the leading payment service provider, is celebrating a successful end to 2021 and its continued commitment to simplicity, speed and user experience.

In what’s been a year rich in opportunities as much as challenges, with more than 2.14 billion people worldwide expected to buy goods and services online in 2021, and the value of cross-border payments anticipated to hit $250 trillion by 2027, xpate has reached the 100 employee milestone and announced Mastercard principality membership – less than two years after the company’s launch.

This strategic partnership has allowed xpate to enhance its platform, offer innovative solutions to new clients, bolster its merchant acquiring portfolio, and take advantage of an extended range of products and services to strengthen market offering.

Further streamlining the management of card payments, 2021 also marked the launch of xpate Links – a fast, single and unified solution designed to meet growing demand from acquirers amid soaring ecommerce volumes and an ever-increasing range of touchpoints. Among those already utilising the pioneering technology is Latvian-based, Industra Bank, with the financial institution (FI) predicting two thirds of acquiring growth will come from ecommerce channels next year alone.

The past 12 months have also witnessed a significant increase in team headcount, with xpate employees now topping the 100 mark – a huge psychological barrier and a sevenfold increase in the space of two years. What’s equally impressive, is xpate’s continued focus on diversity, with the company having assembled a workforce made up of 58 per cent female personnel.

mike shafro ceo xpate
Mike Shafro, CEO of xpate.

Mike Shafro, CEO of xpate, commented: “We’ve been fortunate to attract talent to xpate who not only offer unrivalled expertise and experience across the financial sector, but understand how important our people culture is to our business.

The foundations of any successful business, I believe, are built on its people. There is a lot to be said for surrounding yourself with people who are equally experienced and passionate about what they do.

Ultimately, xpate has entered the payments industry at a unique point in history when cash is on its way out and alternative forms of payments are increasing exponentially. This is exactly the kind of payments revolution xpate is designed for and that’s why we’ve seen such significant growth in such a short space of time.

After such a strong start in business, we are incredibly ambitious for the future and have plenty more in store for our customers to be announced throughout 2022.”

For more information on xpate, go to: www.xpate.com.

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