Adel Bhurtun

Adel Bhurtun

Co-Founder & CEO

Adel’s extensive experience in the cryptoassets world was derived from working for the UK regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Adel acted as the ‘Crypto-asset policeman’ who granted and refused cryptoasset licenses to UK applicants that sought UK registration in order to provide cryptoasset services such as setting up a crypto exchange and/or providing crypto asset custodial services.

Adel’s career took a turn after realizing that working for the government/regulator was tremendously slow at innovating itself, alongside the fact that the FCA’s conservative approach created complex crypto asset application criteria and reporting requirements that stifled innovation.

Adel now manages his own marketing consultancy in Dubai working with start-ups with the aim to educate people about the next evolution of the internet. Adel is also the host of the Traders Brawl podcast, an in-house talk-show that focusses on bridging the gap between fitness and financial freedom, and so-called, ‘GymPreneurs’. Adel’s hobbies include videography, health & fitness weight-training and exploring new countries.

Traders Brawl is a social media agency that provides affordable marketing services for Web3-based start-ups and projects. Traders Brawl devises social media content strategies with diarised calendars of when and what to publish for companies that are in their early stages of starting. The problem that Traders Brawl addresses is providing affordable marketing services to start ups with limited capital.