Adrian A. Trevisan

Adrian A. Trevisan

Managing Director

Adrian A. Trevisan is the Managing Director of Umana Medical Ltd. In fact, he has been researching and making new medical devices for more than ten years. Umana Medical Ltd makes patented temporary tattoo sensors. These sensors allow patients and doctors to track vital signs without the usual wires and cables that actually limit quality of life.

Additionally, he was the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Scientific Officer, and founder of AAT Research. AAT Research is a group of companies that work together to make medical devices that are certified.

He has been in international research projects in France and England. He gave talks at international conferences and congresses. Further, he gave them at the University of Malta and the Università degli Studi di Milano. Besides this, he was a research fellow at the University of Cambridge’s Bedfordshire Center for Mental Health Research.

He is also an investor and partner in the private equity firm 3 Capital Ventures. 3 Capital Ventures is based in Malta and works in the med tech and retail sectors.

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Finally, Med-Tech World united the medical professionals of many disciplines to combine their keen minds and inexhaustible passion for a better tomorrow with the entrepreneurial spirit of investors who also dream of a world free from disease and cancer.