Alexander Mihailovski

Alexander Mihailovski

Co-Founder & CPO

Alexander Mihailovski is an e-commerce professional with extensive experience in creating and managing online payment processing systems. He is a very effective communicator at all levels with acquiring banks and payment service providers.

He is a co-founder and Chief Product Officer at eComCharge UAB – the company, which develops white-label software for payment gateways and online payment processing systems, known as the beGateway WLS platform, designed for payment service providers and acquiring banks to create and operate their own payment gateways customized under their brand names quickly and without internal IT team.

Alexander’s goal is to provide his clients with comprehensive online payment processing software which looks, works, and perceives as their in-house solution but has all the benefits and costs of a SaaS.

With more than 20 years of experience in the software and online payment industry, he has a wide range of contacts across the banking and electronic payments industry but is always open to new business connections. He can advise on many questions about online payment processing, internet acquiring, payment service providers, etc.