Alexis Wicén

Alexis Wicén

CEO and Founder

Alexis Wicén is experienced in e-Sports, Computer Science, Sports Betting and has been working in iGaming with a focus on casinos for over twelve years. He is the co-founder and CEO of Unibo which brings real-time gamification to iGaming as well as which is an Online Casino.

About Unibo:

Unibo is a software development company dedicated to creating the most extensive, innovative, and user-friendly gamification and promotional solution for players, providers, and operators in iGaming.

The company adds a layer of excitement and engagement for players that is unparalleled and is proven to dramatically increase core metrics such as engagement, turnover, repeat visits, and retention.

It’s a dream solution for CRM and Casino teams as everything has been built from scratch and repeatedly honed by a team with extensive operational and commercial experience in online casinos. There’s nothing that comes close to it in terms of what it offers, speed to market, and campaign efficiency.

Unibo is supplier, game, and platform agnostic so there’s no need to limit your players to certain games:

– You can run your casino campaigns on any combination of games and has in-game front-end solution for direct feedback to players;

– It can be easily managed in a single proprietary back office and has alerts, notifications, real-time statistics and more.

It was formed in 2019 by a group of friends who were each working in senior roles within iGaming.

Having tried and failed to find a reliable promotional tool that addressed the needs of players and casinos they took the decision to make one. After two years of R&D and multiple iterations,  Unibo was launched and it continues to grow with more features being developed all the time and is now live on more than 10 online casinos. 

Unibo is by far the most feature-rich and user-friendly gamification and promotional tool available for iGaming, offering an easy-to-integrate suite of tools that are player, provider, and platform agnostic.

It was Alexis that spotted the need for a well-designed and user-friendly Gamification system that was simple to integrate. He has previously held Managing Director roles with Redbet (now part of William Hill) and Betsson Group.

Alexis Wicén spoke at the SIGMA Conference during the Malta Week 2021, a great panel at the Ikigai Venture Stage about “Player attraction & retention Gamification and Personalisation in 2022”

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