Amina Methi

Amina Methi

Founder & Creative Director

An Azeri-American founder, serial entrepreneur, multidisciplinary creative, advisor and consultant with a career that spans across Dubai, Baku, Milan and New York City. As an alumni of Bocconi University, Amina is also a keynote speaker, Web 3.0 strategist, panelist, and podcast guest on topics pertaining to digital self-identity, creative and tech innovation, and sustainability. From her participation in NFT.NYC, New York Fashion Week, ReA! Art Fair Milan, GMWeb3 Dubai, NFT.London, WEIFT podcast and many others, she is on a mission to bring about a digital revolution in creative fields, including fashion and technology.

Amina Mehti is a founder of KRWN Studio, a digital fashion factory creating gamified luxury streetwear for the Metaverse. Simultaneously, KRWN offers services to other brands, designers and creators to enter the NFT space by offering 3D design, tech development, NFC, Marketing and phygital solutions.

For the last few years, she has worked with multiple designers, brands and companies to create a cohesive web 3 strategy in a long-term perspective. Coming into tech with a business mind and artistic spirit, Amina is driving mass adoption of immersive technologies by offering next-gen experiences in partnership with emerging brands and creators.