Andreas Tsindos

Andreas Tsindos


Andreas is a Fintech, Digital and Blockchain professional with over 25 years’ experience. Worked and consulted in several multinationals like Vodafone, Siemens and Saudi Telecom Company.

Has been successfully running MWAN for the last 12 years with notable clients like UAE Telecoms Regulator, Abu Dhabi Health Authority, Del Monte Arabia, Vodafone and STC to name a few.

Over the last 7 years has developed a Blockchain Enterprise Infrastructure Enabler solution on top of the decentralised Blockchain protocols delivering real Blockchain technology and solutions enabling NFT Marketplaces, Physical Commodities, Trade finance, Supply chain, Legal Contracts, Health Authorities, Metal Certification and Music Industry payments.

He is a strong advocate gaining practical knowledge in the Blockchain space and is a respected speaker at several industry events and workshops on Fintech and Blockchain technology.