Antoine Kanaan

Antoine Kanaan


Antoine Kanaan founded and runs the Lebanon Law Review in 2020, an academic research institution meant to enlighten, reform, and inspire the Lebanon Legal Community.

The Law Reveals has since grown to over 90 members, and has partnered up with renowned international legal actors like LexisNexis and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.
The Law Review has organized international legal conferences with attendance in excess of the hundreds, and has initiated media projects with expert local partners.

Antoine’s writings have been translated into multiple languages and published in newspapers across the Middle East and Europe, most notably, the National News, where his writings revolve around the politics of Bitcoin.
He has given workshops in the Lebanese American University, The University of St. Joseph, and the Notre Dame University of Lebanon.

HAQQ was borne of Antoine’s activities in the Lebanon Law Review as an international platform that digitizes access to legal services.

Launched in June 2022, it currently operates in over 30 countries, has driven value to its users in excess of 8 digits, and is advised by an experienced and international board.