Arthur Tan

Arthur Tan


An incredibly passionate, engaging speaker and serial entrepreneur of 15 years, Arthur Tan has always aspired towards creating global impact through adding profound value to lives around the world. He currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at Metapac Group, located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Arthur first stepped into the Web3 space as a cryptocurrency investor at the beginning of 2018, right at the peak of its bull run. He found genuine passion in realizing the potential of blockchain in transforming work-life culture through reading Ethereum Whitepaper and became a firm believer in the power of decentralization as a result.

Henceforth, he has sought to spread the same awareness he attained by giving blockchain talks to exchanges, enterprises, and conferences. Arthur was influenced by his previous experience in directing an investor-relations corporation, in financial advisory, entertainment, and the beauty wellness marketplace. He’s developed a tried-and-true aspiration of building technology products that’ll revolutionize lives while offering high-end returns for his partners.

Down-to-earth, passionate and impartial – these describe his qualities as an entrepreneur in every sense. Arthur works with synergetic teams that engage one another to maximize every member’s potential and isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves to get down to business. His fairness is visible in the way he treats his teammates equitably, regardless of role or title.

Aside from entrepreneurship, Arthur is also a celebrated TV presenter and emcee in Malaysia. Having been host to more than 500 stage appearances over 13 years, as well as several noteworthy TV dramas, reality shows, and a television commercials, he is no stranger to entertainment on the international stage.