Cosmin Mesenschi

Cosmin Mesenschi

CEO & Founder


“In May 2021, I founded the company FirstByte Media, and since then, I have been the CEO.                                                

I started a path to become an architect, but I soon realized that Marketing and entrepreneurship were my calls. I graduated from the University of Milano-Bicocca in Marketing, Communication, and global markets (fancy name, eh?) that allowed me to experience and study in Istanbul (Turkey) and Gdansk (Poland). 

Thanks to these international exchange experiences, I got the chance to be part of the global scene of digital marketing by meeting brilliant people. Later on, I only wanted to be part of a global environment, so thanks to several things in my life, I had the opportunity to move to Malta. 

On a tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, I had the opportunity to be part of the iGaming industry. First worked for a casino and later on for one of the biggest lead generation media companies (Catena Media). Becoming part of this environment helped me learn SEO from the best of the best, especially in the competitive gambling market. After two and a half years, my journey ended, new opportunities arose, and if you value them enough, you take them. So did I. 

I started to work for another casino (Mansion Group) where I could expand my knowledge of the casino industry. But things had to change fast because life always comes at you with more situations where you are challenged. Would you take or let it slip if you had one crazy offer to start your project and company? 

Well, you take it and go all-in, counting that this path is the one that provides positive expected value for the long run. That’s how FirstByte Media was born. 

My “secret”? I worked enough to be in the right place at the right time.

FirstByte Media is a Lead Generation Media company that focuses on the crypto and blockchain market, especially for iGaming and for the Metaverse. We provide leads and go beyond that; we are a hybrid version between the classic affiliate and a marketing agency.

Our ambitions are set very high. Its high energy will absorb any person who wishes to be part of the company and reach the common goal of being pioneers in the market. Call us disruptors of the status quo. 

The squad is growing fast, learning a lot, and I am sure that more people will talk about us in the following months and years. It will be inevitable.  

I had the chance to participate in the last Sigma events held in Malta, where networking opportunities are at their peak. And in the previous edition, I had the chance to be part of the AGS panel talking about SEO and SEA. “