Fabio De Sio

Fabio De Sio

Public Speaker & Business coach

Fabio De Sio

Fabio de Sio is bringing a track record of integrity, creativity, and passion to every event.

Award winning public speaker and business coach, Fabio De Sio offers bespoke, individualized coaching sessions with individuals and organizations to amplify communication skills, develop better connections with others and build confidence.

Fabio mentors with passion, guiding his clients to effectively strengthen and elevate their leadership vision to new heights, so that they can make a greater impact, professionally.

As an business coach and public speaker he has the skills to promote the values of the organisation. Fabio De Sio is trained in Integral Coaching and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), but also uses tools and techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, and Hypnotherapy, to provide an individualised service.

Fabio believes, the power of perception starts with our internal voice: The way we speak to ourselves and the meanings we make, have a significant impact on how we perceive the world, and our impact on it.

Having trained in Mindfulness, NLP, and self-hypnosis, Fabio therefore supports LGBTQ individuals and groups to gain insights that will enable them to achieve greater clarity, raise their expectations, and achieve their targets.

These techniques enable him to simplify the science of why we create the patterns we do – where they come from, and how to change them to achieve results.

With renowned focus on developing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Fabio De Sio works with all levels of management and staff, to increase trust and thereby improve efficiency and productivity, within the workplace.

Fabio De Sio works with organisations to create also LGBTQ friendly working environments, which encourage individuals to feel they can ‘come out,’ confidently and safely.

By creating specific goals that are in alignment with inclusivity and diversity values, a space is created for the development of authenticity.

Research shows that diverse teams are better positioned to unlock the innovation that drives market growth.

Diversity further enables nonlinear novel thinking and the adaptability that innovation requires, thereby strengthening the link between innovation and revenue.

Fabio De Sio has helped large organizations and corporatioons in the last two years and is passionate about making the world a better place.