Garen Mouradian

Garen Mouradian

Head Of Operations

Garen Mouradian, Technamin’s Head of Operations, comes from a background in civil engineering and construction project management.

Attributing his interest in the gaming sector to his family’s love of card games and bingo, he has carried his experience over to iGaming where he has been active for the past 6+ years.

Prior to joining Technamin, Garen was leading a regional B2C operator and a B2B company, as well as the internal B2C brand of a start-up B2B group.

In Technamin, Garen’s team handles all client accounts through dedicated and multi-lingual Partner Success Managers, manages all 3rd party integrations roadmaps and communications, and provides second line 24/7 support to all of Technamin’s clients in matters related to game portfolio management, payments, and platform functionality.

They also manage the prioritisation and the acceptance of internal and external tasks, ensuring a complete delivery of new and customised functionalities to clients.

As an industry professional and a tech enthusiast, Garen Mouradian predicts a bigger role for virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence in iGaming.

Garen foresees that technological advancements will amount to an increase in acquisition and retention for both small and established operators, as well as the simplification and optimisation of FIAT and crypto cash flow.

He is also a firm proponent of customer safety, which he believes is a huge responsibility on both operators and providers.

The former, Garen emphasises, is required to implement all necessary measures and procedures to ensure regulatory compliance is met and their customers are protected, and the latter has to provide all necessary tools using the latest technologies to help operators achieve this goal easily with no obstacles.

Technamin, being adamant about upholding customer safety, is here to help operators keep their end users safe while providing them with the ultimate gaming experience, and Garen’s team has a big part to play in that.