Harley Redlick

Harley Redlick

Harley Redlick is a successful sports bettor and media personality with a passion for improving knowledge in the gambling space. He’s a regular contributor for The Parleh and runs his own website Sharp Edge Picks. Harley does a weekly sports betting podcast for The Parleh with Jorey Middlestadt, a legend of Toronto sports radio where he provides value wagers and explains betting concepts.

Harley Redlick also does weekly videos with his “value bet of the week”. His own website provides free articles explaining how sportsbetting works, how to find value bets, and higlights industry trends. Harley has a law degree from Osgoode Hall and an MBA from Rotman.

Harley has been limited (virtually cutoff) by a number of sportsbooks for winning too much and cashed millions in prize money wagering against the Ontario Lottery Corp (largest lottery organization in Canada). He co-created and served as Co-Program Director for the Osgoode Hall Professional Development Gaming Law certificate and lectured on sports betting for the program. Harley has written for Yardbarker and Sun Media on issues related to sports betting and published a case study on successful betting arbitrage for the Ivey School of business.

Harley Redlick was a panelist at the inaugural Betting on Sports in America conference, sat on the Canadian Gaming Summit’s sports betting panel twice and served as a guest on air expert on both TSN Edge and Inside the Lines, Canada’s two top radio sportsbetting programs. He served as an Adjunct Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School where he co-taught Gambling Law. Harley also consults for companies in the gaming space; he can facilitate strategic partnerships, review regulatory issues, raise capital, and vet products to ensure they are both marketable and that winning bettors can’t pillage the operator.