Jan Robert Schutte

Jan Robert Schutte

Co-Founder, Crypto Trader & Coach

Jan Robert is CEO & Co-founder of CryptoAcademy The Netherlands, which acts as a bridge to the Crypto market for investors and traders. As a crypto trader & coach, Jan Robert helps investors be successful and profitable in the crypto market. He is also a well-known and respected international keynote speaker and media partner of several crypto and blockchain events.

Jan Robert co-authored and published together with Jelle Peters Crypto Trading for Ambitious Beginners in Dutch and English, of which more than 8,000 books have been sold by now.

Thanks to his enormous sales and networking skills, he has an extensive international professional network ranging from crypto currencies, Blockchain and ICOs/projects.

Jan Robert is also a member of several Advisory Boards and regularly organizes Meetups and Seminars to introduce people to interesting Blockchain Projects. Jan Robert is also an internationally sought after keynote speaker/moderator on Crypto Currency Trading and ICOs and blockchain.

A key influencer on Social Media with over 10,000 followers on LinkedIn, Jan Robert helps projects expand their global branding, gain recognition and strengthen their position.

CryptoAcademy is perfect for projects and crypto event organizers and projects to connect with our crypto community.