Joel Michael

Joel Michael

Founder & CEO

Joel Michael is a passionate Environmentalist and seasoned Entrepreneur working on Climate Tech and the development of Circular Economy ecosystems.

He helps organizations accomplish Carbon Neutrality by developing and implementing Carbon Offset Projects and working towards a Net Zero future. He specializes in the development and trading of Carbon and Plastic Credits and is actively involved in Circular Economy solutions around Ocean Clean-Up, Waste to Energy, Plastic Recycling, Reforestation, Green Mobility, Food-Wastage Reduction, and Green Crypto Mining.

Joel is skilled in Business Design & Development, Market, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, Deal Structuring, Fundraising, Corporate Innovation & Change Management.

A student of Six Sigma, PMP, and Design Thinking, Joel began his early career training senior management of Fortune 500 companies on the importance of innovation and corporate culture for continued development and sustainable growth.

Joel hosts a Podcast called ‘Pods Green Earth’, interviewing Thought Leaders and Entrepreneurs in Climate Change and Sustainability.