Leander Rappmann

Leander Rappmann


Leander Rappmann is the creative mind and CEO behind GameChanging Marketing.
Since several years it is his mission to build communities and change the online presence of
gaming and esport companies, organisations and teams.

Coming from a gaming background and an innovative, young thinking he worked with companies like ebattle, a1esports or xbox. He was involved in the content marketing of the companies and the goals of reaching a bigger audience by creating marketing strategies, supervising content creation and the engagement with the community.

Whilst working with several different companies he was able to extend his network and get an even bigger understanding of the space of gaming and esport.

One big factor are the influencers Leander Rappmann is connected to.

Since several years he helps influencers, gamers and streamers to build an online presence and connect them with potential partners by providing them with videos, content ideas and strategies.

The creative thinking and game changing approach he takes in the market by building people focused brands whilst telling the story behind the brand and it’s people let’s him drive great results to the customers of GameChanging Marketing