Manan Shah

Manan Shah

Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur since 19, the tech genius is enthusiastic about internet safety. He then became CEO of Avalance Global Solutions, which has protected some of the world’s greatest businesses and made a digital stir.

At 21, he investigated cybercrime for Twitter, Yahoo!, Facebook, Nokia, Blackberry, PayPal, Skype, Google, Apple, and Microsoft. 2013 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. Microsoft’s “Most Valuable Researcher” in 2014.

In 2022, Entrepreneur Magazine Under 35, Forbes Under 30, and Asia One’s Under40 honored Manan Shah.

2020 Entrepreneur selected Manan Shah “Entrepreneur of the Year” for his security work.

He was one of Business World’s “Hottest Young Entrepreneurs” and Outlook India’s “Game Changers of Tomorrow” in 2020.