Marco Funk

Marco Funk


Let’s decarbonize!

In 2020 I founded, an ecosystem aligning the stakeholders of decarbonization via smart contract financing. To get here was quite the journey… At the initial stage of my career I engrossed myself in learning languages and understanding different cultures while working in international hubs of business and commerce. My academic background lies in Operations Research, Investment Analysis and Economics; culminating in a master’s thesis on effective funding.

After graduating I worked as an analyst for the Nielsen Company, before entering the world of entrepreneurship and moving to Singapore via co-founding a tech start-up. During these two years it became apparent to me how important access to strategic investors is; and after receiving an offer to enter the world of private banking in Dubai, I took the chance to nurture a strong network of high net worth individuals before finding the opportunity I had been searching for.

For decades humankind has been negatively impacting the environment and thereby themselves. Inspired by the versatility of the hemp plant I entered the hemp industry in Switzerland. Paying extra towards hydrogen energy for our facility, I thought “wouldn’t it be great if there was a platform showcasing those enterprises running on renewables?” That line of thinking led me to – where we leverage off the best technology has to offer to optimize the funding of clean energy projects for enterprises of all sizes.