Mariya Spartalis

Mariya Spartalis


Mariya Spartalis was nominated as Financial Influencer 2023 at International investment congress Awards in Paris

She has more as 20 years of experience in private banking wealth management crypto banking. She was on leading roles as a Director of UHNWI and HNWI clients departments im various traditional, global as well first crypto banks in Vienna Austria and Zurich Switzerland

For 3 years Mrs Spartalis has been a partner of wealth management company Terreus Capital in Zurich Switzerland.

She is a speaker on different investment, private banking, crypto, entertainment industry metaverse and blockchain forums and congresses worldwide in such countries as Switzerland, Monaco, Austria, France, Italy, Bachrain, Dubai, USA and more.

Mr Spartalis is invited as an expert to different countries where crypto laws and crypto banks are in process of adapting or developing such Dubai, Ukraine, Estonia to support by her expertise.