Max Sevostianov

Max Sevostianov


A highly experienced senior level professional who has successfully managed boutique and large businesses. During this time he has closed multiple deals involving financial and product creativity.

He has a keen eye for maximising sales situations and effectively managing innovative deals and appropriate strategies. Core strengths include being a motivational leader who has an excellent track record of team building and inspiring top performances.

His ability to establish effective partnerships has played a pivotal role in helping businesses reach the next level and deliver on long-term strategic goals. A foundation for this consistent success is in defining the company direction and helping communicate its brand identity.

Max joined Betbazar three years ago as its Chief Commercial Officer before taking on the role of Chief Operating Officer where he has been integral in expanding the unique sports betting business.

Betbazar specialises in providing content and data for sportsbook operators. Within the offering is an Esports and sports feed designed for unique competitions.

Max responsibilities include creating, communicating and implementing Betbazar’s strategic mission objectives. Further focus is on nurturing Betbazar’s company culture and overseeing all operations to ensure the targets are met.

A hands-on approach means Max is involved in all areas of the business and has an unrivalled understanding of market nuances. From a personal standpoint, Max is a keen gamer whenever he gets a quiet moment, which is not as often as he’d hoped. A love of gaming evolved from playing StarCraft and CS: Go.