Mouloukou Sanoh

Mouloukou Sanoh


Mouloukou Sanoh is the Co-founder of Cassava Network, a Web3 platform focused on entertainment, gaming and rewards for the African continent. He is keenly interested in driving Web3 adoption in Africa. Mouloukou is also an Investment Manager at Adaverse, a $100 million fund backed by Emurgo, and a Vice President Emerging Markets at Everest Ventures Group, a global venture studio.

Additionally, he previously ran Mansa Capital, an investment advisory firm helping African startups raise funding. Past deals completed by Mr. Mouloukou include Crowdforce, Skygarden, Omnisient, Kwara and more.

As a global character who has lived in four countries, namely; China, Guinea, Netherlands and Belgium, Mouloukou has cultivated a culture of adaptability and an open minded nature.

He speaks in varying degrees of fluency, French, English, Mandarin Chinese and Mandingo.