Muhammad Hamza

Muhammad Hamza

Director of Business - MENA

Muhammad Hamza has over 18 years of experience driving impact across prestigious government entities such as the Emirates & Dnata Group, Wafi Group, Dubai World and Dubai Customs with extensive experience in Web3 Technologies, Metaverse, NFTs and Sustainable Blockchain Solutions. He’s also on the advisory board of several big data, AI, and Venture Capital companies in the region.

M.Hamza is heading Journee operations within MENA. Journee offers innovative, efficient and stylised solutions that not only connect people within virtual space in a revolutionary way but also enables brands & businesses to offer unparalleled show-stopping, immersive and beautiful customer experiences. They are trusted by some leading brands across the globe such BMW, Adidas, H&M, Siemens and Vogue to name a few.

He is the Co-Founder of Masary Capital which supports well-established and regulated corporations around the world seeking to contribute to the regions blockchain and metaverse strategy as well as the ever-growing eco-system to successfully establish their presence in the region. Having partners such as Coinify which is one of the world’s largest Crypto payment providers.