Muneeb Mushtaq

Muneeb Mushtaq

Co-Founder & CEO

Muneeb Mushtaq is a Canadian entrepreneur and public speaker with an impressive track record of founding and selling successful startups. At the age of 20, he established his first venture, an online marketing agency, which was acquired just two years later.

He then co-founded AskforTask, an on-demand consumer platform for home services that achieved profitability within 18 months under his leadership and became the second-largest on-demand platform in Canada. AskforTask was awarded the fastest-growing Canadian startup by TechCrunch.

Currently, Muneeb is the co-founder of Airzai, a groundbreaking AI-based wellness startup that has received industry-wide acclaim. With an investor list that includes Grammy-award-winning artist Drake and award-winning industrial designer Fred Bould, who is also Airzai’s chief designer.

Muneeb is also a respected keynote speaker and TEDx speaker, frequently speaking on the topics of entrepreneurship, AI, mindset, and wellness on stages around the world.

Muneeb’s entrepreneurial journey and achievements highlight his commitment to innovation and his expertise in building successful startups. His passion for creating innovative solutions that improve people’s lives continues to inspire and drive his work.