Myrtle Anne Ramos

Myrtle Anne Ramos


Myrtle Anne Ramos has helped hundreds of companies to benefit and transform their businesses to disrupt, adjust, or scale by utilizing the latest technological tools, and products or helping to build from scratch.

Filipina serial entrepreneur and an angel investor. She is the Founder and CEO of multi-awarded world-class companies, Block Tides and PlaceWar which raised over $5.4 million in total for seed, private, and sales with over 12 years of experience in technology, advisory, branding,
marketing, public relations, business development, and growth. Started in Blockchain, Web 3, Cryptocurrency & Metaverse in 2016. Myrtle Anne Ramos is the founder of the Award Winning Blockchain, Crypto, Defi, NFT, IoT, AI, and Metaverse PR Firm Block Tides (Marketing, Growth
Hacking, Sales, Social Media Management, Giving opportunities to people, Media Distribution Services, Investor Relations, Public Relations) Official Influencer of CoinMarketCap. A scholar graduate of Draper University for Blockchain & Entrepreneurship powered by Tezos. She is
currently an advisor for many Blockchain and Tech companies, and now leading as the Co-Founder of a gamified and open Internet culture metaverse, PlaceWar.

Global Advisory Board of the International Council of E-Commerce along with being recognized by the endorsements of the US Federal Government, US Army, National Security Agency and the Committee on National Security Systems, the FBI, Microsoft, IBM, and the United Nations. EC-Council Advisory Board of CBP comprises well-known industry experts and top blockchain professionals from global brands across a diverse range of industries.

Myrtle Anne Ramos is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur who works tirelessly to create success for herself and the communities she touches. She is passionate about creating a positive impact on the world through innovation, collaboration, hard work, and determination.
Her professional career has included managing international companies, leading philanthropic projects, serving on nonprofit boards, and volunteering in her local community. Myrtle has a talent for inspiring and motivating others with her infectious positivity and willingness to help,
while constantly challenging her peers to strive for excellence. Her journey has been one of tenacity and unwavering faith in the power of making a difference in the world.

Myrtle Anne Ramos is also a revolutionary creative who works to bring people and nature back together. With a passion for creating beautiful things and helping people reconnect with their environment and each other, her projects touch on topics ranging from environmental justice to
art-making. By using sustainable practices and materials to create works of art, Myrtle Anne encourages a deeper connection with the environment and reminds us of our shared responsibility as custodians of the planet. From urban gardening to participatory art projects
and social entrepreneurship, Myrtle Anne is dedicated to creating a movement that brings art, people, and nature together.

Myrtle Anne Ramos is a Brand and Marketing Strategist who partners with CEOs, executives, and solopreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands, human-to-human. After spending nearly a decade working in tech, PR, and marketing for multimillion-dollar brands and
startups, Myrtle knows what drives conversions, sold-out launches, and Global interviews.

Myrtle has landed coverage in print and broadcast outlets worldwide, including The Manila Times, Bloomberg, Cointelegraph, Benzinga, Tech Times,, and many more.